Solopreneur Microbusiness Owner Starting Point

Healthy eating and lifestyle

Solopreneur Microbusiness owner launch
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And we're off... to a good and balanced approach as a Solopreneur launching a Microbusiness

Solopreneur Microbusiness Owner Starting Point

Balanced health and life

It’s  funny to be involved in the early stages of an online microbusiness which will help other folks do the same. However, I’ve gathered information and understanding over the years I would like to share. I feel it’s time for me to not only provide in person instruction, but also put my experiences to help a greater range of people and watch as lives are improved.


Seeing as everyone is distinct and every situation and moment in life is unique it’s unlikely I can address all situations, though I can at least develop a good starting point. I wish to see my audience succeed, not only provide one time advice and receive money. Further, I can only expect referrals from those I first help. Particularly in business, you need to value people before they will value you, or your business.


To move progress in life you need to have a balanced foundation, including: a nutritious diet, regular exercise, a team and spiritual goals.


Nutritious diet


Your body is a machine and you need to treat a machine properly in order for it to function properly. Meaning we all need to put good fuel in while keeping the wrong stuff away. Yes, it’s definitely unfortunate the wrong things taste so darn great! However, to be on top of our game we all must put the good fuel in to keep our bodies operating correctly. Our bodies were intended for function and movement. Since the majority of us don’t endure lots of physical activity every day we ought to mimic this activity with workouts.


At this point I’m not the healthiest person, so I can't advise you follow my program, unless you feel it's more effective than your present routine:


I begin every day with a cup of fresh juiced up vegetables and fruit. Here’s what I put in:

2-3 stems of Kale

Piece of a beet (should fit easily into your hand)

Baseball size heap of spinach, parsley and cilantro

1 carrot

Softball size section of cucumber

2 celery stems

1 apple

1 orange

Quarter size slice of ginger


Then I'll have a small bowl of oatmeal or cream of wheat or a waffle or yogurt with granola and fruit or a bowl of cereal and a mug of coffee. For lunch I will have a peanut butter sandwich or salad and/or smoothie and for dinner a steak or fish or chicken and potatoes or rice or mac n cheese. Then dessert. 


For physical exercise I go to the gym for an hour or ride my bike 12 to 30 miles about 3 times a week.


Psychological Wellness


To help you keep your thinking well-balanced you will have to look for positive reassuring people and try to avoid negative people. However it is advantageous to have straightforward individuals in your life who will point out areas of improvement. You have to figure out if you’re the “I require a kick in the butt to get going” or not sort of man or woman. Either way, we have to evaluate the folks in our lives and remove those pulling us down and keep those who encourage us.


We need to fill our thoughts with healthy, optimistic, yet wise thinking patterns. While it's important to keep it positive and surround ourselves with positive folks, we also need to stay grounded in reality. It’s a balance, be sure you’re reinforcing positive and confidence building values and thoughts. You can do anything that you set your mind to, but the real question is: what do you want to do?


Lastly, we really should look at our spiritual needs. Myself? I'm a Christian. Meaning I follow the lessons of Jesus Christ as stated in the Holy Bible. I've found I need to have faith in something, a cause, bigger than myself, which requires me to look to the needs of others. To much focus on myself is unhealthy and nonproductive.


So a normal good day starts with a healthier breakfast, time reading the Bible and supplication (which consists of thinking not just myself and my own needs but the wants of other people as well). Which ever way you start your day it has to be on a good note. Without a good positive start we are setting ourselves up for potential failure. Each day has its own battles. A well prepared mind, body and heart are crucial to progress in life. 



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