Laundry Room Folding Tables

Great Space saving ideas

In these days of economic gloom a lot of us are having to downsize to smaller properties to save money, but this can bring problems of its own.  In this article we take a look at great space saving ideas for the laundry room, especially with laundry room folding tables.

A lot of us are having to make rooms multi-purpose when we move into smaller properties. The same thing happens with out kitchens and utility rooms, but laundry room folding tables can really help.

Wall Mounted Laundry Room Tables

The wall mounted laundry room folding table is a great help with doing the washing.  Depending on the strength of the table you buy, they can hold a lot of weight.  The concept of these tables is simple, the brackets that hold the table are drilled into the wall and you simply lower the table to use it.  When you’ve finished it just folds back up flat against the wall taking no floor space up whatsoever. Tables start at $40, and depending on what type you want can go up to several hundred dollars.  Browsing the internet will give you the largest selection and normally the cheapest prices.

Folding Laundry Room Tables

Folding laundry room tables come in a very wide variety of sizes to suit most rooms. Most tables come in a white waterproof finish with simple folding legs that are locked into place when the table is up.  These tables are very multi-purpose and can even be used as a dining room table (with a tablecloth) or a table for the kids to use.  Prices start from around $30 and range up to $200 depending on the size and strength of the table.

Wall Mounted Ironing Boards

Ironing boards can be awkward to keep out the way, but the wall mounted ironing boards are an ideal solution.  They simply pull down from their wall brackets when you want to use it, and a leg folds out to give support at the far end.  Some of these ironing boards can have a lot of surface space, so they can double up as a work surface for folding away laundry.

Laundry Stations

While these are not strictly to do with this article, they are great space saving products.  The Laundry station is a fully assembled ironing board surface with chrome shelves underneath for folded towels and other items.  At the one end is a cloth laundry bag for all the washing that needs to be washed.  The beauty of this laundry station is that it can be wheeled to where ever you like to do the ironing.

All of these items can be purchased very easily on the internet and are quite easy to assemble.  Like everything on the internet, prices vary greatly but with a little research you should find the ideal solution for your folding laundry room tables.