If you are lucky enough to have an entire room dedicated to laundry with countertops, cabinets and all the bells and whistles, then you may not need this article.  But if like me, you have literally a corner or a small area in the deepest darkest corner of the basement, then check these ideas out.

In my laundry area of the basement there is literally one beat up old wood shelf on the wall quite high above the washer that ends up full of bottles and products and tons of dust and I have to stretch to reach.  I didn’t want that but we are not in a position just yet to do a gut renovation on this area of the house.  We are working on other areas of the house but I was getting tired of the setup.

So whether you rent your space and can’t do any renovations or you simply want an affordable alternative then check out some of these ideas and see if they get your creative juices flowing for laundry storage ideas that make life easier.

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Roll Out Cart Between Washer and Dryer

I love this option.  If you have a side by side washer and dryer and you can create a small gap in-between the machines then you will have created a lot of storage.  Talk about utilizing wasted space.

This cart has 3 shelves that will hold all your products and is literally 8 inches wide.  This will get rid of that clutter that most likely sits on your dryer or floor or that dirty shelf high above like mine.  You just pull it out as it is on wheels and grab what you need and then put it back.

This is an affordable way to store your washing day products. 

If you simply grab everything out of the dryer into a basket and then take it to another room to fold, you may like the idea of a portable folding and storing area.

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Laundry Station

This is a little bit more in cost, but if you want a place to store your products as well as a small folding area then you can simply roll this out to use.  Then when you are done you roll it away and it houses everything you need. 

If you have an area you can store this station, then storage issues are solved.  It also has a laundry bag that you can take out and use.  On washing day you simply roll this cart over to your washer and you add your product and dirty clothes then roll it to the dryer for folding the clothes.  I love the wheels idea.

laundry room storageCredit: Amazon.com

Laundry Center

If you can invest a little more this unit has it all.  It has an ironing board, which can also double as folding area.  It has a sorting area and storage.  There is also a place to hang shirts and blouses as soon as you hauled them out of the dryer or after you have ironed them.

I like this setup because you can roll it out of the way when not in use and yet it can hold and does everything in one go.

This way you do not haul everything to another room to set up the iron, it all gets done right from the source.  I love the idea of ironing a shirt and then hanging it up right away, so you may want to add hangers to this so you can simply go from here to the closet and make sure there is an electrical outlet for your iron.

laundry room storageCredit: Amazon.com


If you have a main floor laundry room and your problem is baskets of dirty clothes everywhere, then this would be a cleaner more organized way of dealing with dirty clothes. 

You would keep this trolley in the hallway, bedroom, bathroom or anywhere there is good access and the family throws the clothes in the bins.  It would be nice if they would sort them into colours, whites, towels and sheets but if not, at least the dirty things are in one area.

Then you would simply roll this cart into the room and start loading the machine right from these bins.  When done you simply roll the bin back to where it was.

The trick will be finding just the right spot to store this sorter where the household will actually use it instead of the floor.

laundry room storageCredit: Amazon.com

Drying Rack

If you do not use a clothes dryer, or you simply have clothes that need to air dry, then having an area you can do this is much better than having things hanging on railings all over the house.  A friend of mine had 4 places around the house she would hang her “unmentionables” simply because they could not be put in the dryer.

This unit is really sturdy, it can hold a lot of wet things, and when you are done it will fold completely flat which makes it easy to store and easy to get out to use.

Did You Get Any Ideas Yet?

Is it finally time to tackle the laundry room storage problem?  Hopefully the above products give you some great ideas.  You can do this on the cheap.  It is amazing how much nicer it is to wash dirty clothes when the room you are working in is somewhat clean and organized.  I use all kinds of portable products and it helps me to keep the area clean without expensive construction right now.

That beat up shelf high up above the machines is not going to do it.  You need things that give you complete access to everything you need and also keep it all contained in that room without a huge mess of products or piles of clothes on the floor.

It is possible to create the laundry room of your dreams without gut renovations.  It is all about organizing things in such a way that you work easily and comfortably and make this chore less of a chore.