Whether you are spring cleaning or daily cleaning, the list of chores is endless. Of all of the chores that need to be done every week, laundry day seems to be the longest day of the week. Making sure that everything gets to the laundry room, washing, folding and then making sure everything gets put away could be an all day event that includes multiple trips to and from the washer. Whether you are folding clothes for your family or towels and bed linens for a hotel or bed and breakfast, getting the laundry to and from the laundry room is probably one of the worst parts of the job. A laundry trolley can be of great use when it comes to laundry day, whether you have just one load of laundry or four.laundry trolley

A laundry trolley is something that people see every day, sometimes without even realizing it, which can be a very useful addition to any laundry room. Hotels and resorts use them to carry clean linens to rooms and dirty linens to the laundry room every day that they are in business. They are used by major hotel chains as well as small mom and pop businesses. These laundry trolleys have several compartments that can be used for their purpose. Dirty laundry is usually put in a bag attached to the side of the trolley, while clean laundry is usually folded and kept on shelves or compartments on the trolley. Industrial laundry trolleys have smaller compartments on the sides or underneath to hold other cleaning supplies as well. Some carry both dirty laundry and clean laundry at the same time to make it easier and allow for fewer trips.

Laundry trolleys also come in smaller sizes for a convenience that can be a great benefit to your home as well. Some smaller, more domestic varieties have several smaller compartments where larger industrial sizes typically only come with one or two larger ones. These compartments are useful in holding laundry that needs delivered to different rooms in the house or simply storing different supplies when it isn't in use. Different compartments can be used for kitchen supplies, bath supplies or bedroom linens. Some laundry trolleys come with separate drawers that can even be labeled for clean, folded laundry to be kept until it is picked up by the owners (your kids) to help teach responsibility. The advantages of owning a laundry trolley are worth the extra that it costs to purchase it.

No matter what your purpose is for needing a laundry trolley, some features come standard on all of them. The standard framework for laundry trolleys are usually metal or plastic (no matter what size you are looking to purchase) and the compartments are normally made of a sturdy cloth like material. Some brands or varieties offer plastic or metal drawers instead of the material like bags for added storage. These offer more stability when storing items such as detergent and irons, if that is what you are using the additional storage for, or simply a more convenient storage area because they do not move around as much as the cloth. The compartment sizes offered vary greatly depending on the type or brand of laundry trolley that you get, so some laundry trolleys may be better suited for different households and businesses. Smaller households may need a few more smaller compartments and large hotel chains may need only one or two small compartments and many larger ones.

Regardless of the different laundry sizes you are working with, a laundry trolley could be the answer to many unspoken pleadings for help. They can be a convenient storage are in the laundry room, help teach responsibility to young children, and be a lifesaver on laundry day. They have many different layouts and styles to choose from so there is always something to fit the style of everyone. Laundry day is never fun and the urge to put it off is often great, which means even more laundry and even longer time to do it. A laundry trolley will save time and add flair to your laundry day. And no matter how many loads of laundry you have, a laundry trolley can cut your time in half and free up part of your day to do more fun things.