Purple is a relaxing color that has been associated with royalty. Your first thought when considering a purple bedroom may be that it reminds you of a teenage girl's room or that your spouse will rebel. These shades can work with all different design aesthetics and you may have the only one in the neighborhood. Plus, the color of the paint will make a big impact so it's ideal if you want to add "wow factor" to your room but you don't have the money for it. The one thing that you'll want to be aware of that these color choices won't appeal to everyone so be prepared to repaint with a more neutral color when you put your house on the market. Here are different tips for purple bedroom decorating ideas.

Purple Bedroom Designs

A lavender room doesn't have to be overly "girly". You can start off with a neutral room and then add just a spot of color that is still soothing for subtle purple bedroom designs. First paint the walls taupe; your husband can't argue with that right? Then add in classic wood furniture that has a little rustic flair to it. You can add color to the room as simply and as inexpensively as buying laPurple Bedroom IdeasCredit: Free Range Stockvender bed sheets. This will just bring in a seductive hint of your favorite color. Then put a dried lavender herb floral arrangement on your side of the bed; lavender claims to have claming aromatherapy properties. It might even help you sleep better while adding color to the room. Keep the comforter basic like white or chocolate brown for balance. Avoid any feminine clichés in the room like ruffles and lace for a more elegant look.

An eggplant bedroom can be modern or elegant. The darker color will make it seem moodier. It might even appear as brown instead of seeming too feminine. You'll need to balance these darker tones or really go all out. For a moody room hang chocolate brown velvet drapes and then install a deep espresso stained floor. If you want the colors to have more balance then use white furniture with clean lines for a welcome break for the eyes.

Purple Bedroom Ideas

Purple Bedrooms(84037)Credit: Free Range StockThis doesn't have to be juvenile; you may even want to use it in a teenager’s bedroom if she's rebelling against more youthful traditional colors like pink. Find a shade with a lot of gray in it. You can even paint each wall in the room a different shade. An easy way to do this is by picking up all of the same colors on the paint chip because you know that they'll all match to begin with. You can save money on solid colored purple bedding sets and then bring in patterns through the artwork. The darkest color should be on the wall where the bed is for added drama and to create a focal point.

Another room where you can create a calming effect with this color is in the nursery. The main inclination when you find out you are having a girl is to go with a pink nursery. You may want something different if you've already had a child or you just want to create a space where you'll also be comfortable. Try a faint floral pattern on the crib bedding that has a lot of purple and white in it and then choose all white furniture. This can feel country, shabby chic, or just youthful. Make the dresser feel a little special by decoupaging a striped paper on flat drawer fronts. You can also use a damask pattern throughout the space if you just want a more sophisticated room that is still completely functional for baby.

Another nursery option is periwinkle. You might have a situation where you need a gender neutral nursery because you have twins or a toddler and baby are sharing the same room. Periwinkle is part purple and part blue. Start off with dark wood furniture; you can even use black to add a touch of masculinity. Then you can give the space a modern or contemporary feel with graphic dot bedding. Another option is to give each crib a different bedding set in the same color palette so they coordinate but are still unique.

The color purple can also have a Moroccan feel to it. This is a great option if you want your room to feel like a getaway or you need to make a big impact or transformation with color. Use over the top carved furniture against a dark wall. Bring in rich burgundies and navy; just be aware that this room won't get a lot of light. Using these dark colors will lend cohesion even though you wouldn't normally pair them together. Then finish off the room with tons of throw pillows on the bed and accessorize with intricate candle lanterns.

More Purple Bedrooms

You may find difficulty pairing the color purple with different shades. You may avoid the color altogether because you don't know what matches purple right? A purple and green bedroom may seem like it screams 1980's but it can actually be quite sophisticated depending on the shades you use. Try a khaki green tone that will act as a neutral but also compliment purple paint.Purple Bedroom DesignsCredit: Free Range Stock

Purple is across from yellow on the color wheel but this may seem too saturated to actually sleep in. Instead choose your favorite neutral color like black, white, brown or even gray. Then add in gold accessories instead of a blatant yellow color. You can even create a historical feel by hanging a bunch of gold framed gilded mirrors or just the empty frames on one wall to create a one of the kind collage. You can often collect these at thrift stores or garage sales for just a few dollars.

These spaces are calming but still unique. It doesn't matter if you go with eggplant or lavender you can make these colors work with modern, country, or teenage decor. This color isn’t just for girls, it can also act as a neutral and be paired with more masculine charcoals, navy and chocolate browns for a room that has balance. Don't be scared of that bold wall color but find the perfect shade of purple for your space.