Lavender Aromatherapy - Health Essential Oils, Scents and Fragrances

Lavender aromatherapy is used today as a means to escape life's stressors. Lavender aromatherapy is famous for topping the list of anti depressant aromas and has a reputation in helping those with sleep disorders. It is perfect for those who need a break and want to know the real meaning of relaxation. Aromatherapy has effects on the mental, emotional and even spiritual aspects of the human being. Both scent and emotion are handled by our limbic system. Therefore, aromas would always have an effect on the way we feel. Memories are even triggered when one takes a whiff of a familiar smell. With that, let the wonders of lavender aromatherapy bring you back to simpler times. Give in to the scent of lavenders' comforting embrace and let lavender aromatherapy offer the sweet surrender of the senses.
How it works
Like all other scents coming from essential oils, lavender takes it toll when it reaches the bloodstream either via skin or through diffused air molecules which go to the lungs. Lavender aromatherapy then causes the brain to releases various neurochemicals like serotin, the chemical that brings people in a state of happiness or calmness. The effects of lavender aromatherapy can also be heightened with the addition of touch, like when they are used in massages. The combination of smelling and feeling, make the senses come alive and thus it enhances the experience.
Who is it for?
The oil of lavender is one of the safest and most widely used oils in aromatherapy. Many aromatherapy experts use lavender as a tonic during inhalation therapy sessions to treat exhaustion and those having nervous disorders. The therapy may be great for those who are suffering from minor anxiety as treatment to people with high levels of anxiety may prove to be futile. When one is feeling down, depressed and defeated, he should consider taking lavender aromatherapy. As stated above, the serotin released from the raphe nucleus of the brain when lavender is inhaled, can make one "happy". Lavender has a balancing outcome. It calms uncontrolled emotions and emotional conflicts as it also helps to bring conscious control, making a person more rational. Lavender aromatherapy also has sedative effects and aids one in sleeping, making it perfect for insomniacs who have longed to taste the bliss of sleep. In addition to the lavender aromatherapy, the lavender plant itself scientifically named Lavandula augustifolia is commonly suggested for individuals having asthma, flu symptoms had hay fever. The dried plant can also be used to tend burns and stings and when ingested can give relief to upset stomachs, nausea and vomiting.
Where can it be found?
Immersing one's self in lavender aromatherapy is easy enough. Products in department stores such as candles and cleansers with labels of lavender aromatherapy can offer you the whiff you need to create a calm and relaxed environment. An array of bath products such as soaps, shampoos, salts, lotions provide lavender scents that can grant you an unwinding cleansing experience. This makes lavender true enough to its name as it originates from the Latin word lavare meaning "to wash". Basically the scent in these products comes from the oil of the lavender plant, Lavandula augustifolia. The oil extracted can then be used in its present form. It is advised though that when using essential oils in its purest form that they be diluted to avoid any irritation when in comes to contact with the skin. The oil can be used as different mediums throughout the area which you wish to propagate the sweet scent of lavender. The essential oils used in lavender aromatherapy are available in 10-15 mL bottles for fewer than 5 dollars on eBay and Amazon. Today the avenues for lavender are growing as even lavender tea flavors are available.
Aside from lavender aromatherapy there are lots of scents that can give you different experiences of bliss. But none would be more relaxing and uplifting than lavender aromatherapy. Some recommended alternative therapies when tackling seasonal depressions are light therapy, natural sunlight, exercise, and adequate nourishment. Eating right, drinking plenty of water, resting, and aromatherapy can give you the healthy lifestyle many have been searching for.
There are many variations when it comes to aroma, but only lavender aromatherapy has the edge of tranquility. It makes the surroundings and your inner self peaceful. From massages, baths, to just sitting at home, lavender aromatherapy brings a mellow vibe and it seems to brush off all your worries. Truly, it is the one of worlds' wonderful manifestations of affordable peace.