lavender neck wrap


You come home from work stressed, and your neck feels stiff and it is giving you a headache right? Well then why not try this lavender neck wrap. Make your own aromatherapy hot wrap and relax. This will help you move out of your stressful day and into relaxation mode.

Add a cup of soothing herbal tea to this, and you will feel almost as good as a day at the spa! Some heat and the soothing lavender will help you relax and unwind and make your whole body feel better not just your neck. A lavender neck wrap may be you best prescription right now for your daily stresses.

The best part is, that you don't have to buy those expensive neck wraps, to get soothing neck heat. Plus the lavender with the neck heat from the wrap will help soothe those frayed nerves.

Why not create one now, and you will have it ready for "just one of those days". These can also help you relax and get to sleep at night. Some people will actually put one across their forehead for relaxing heat and the aromatherapy of the lavender is very soothing and helpful for sleep. There is no adjusting temperatures or plugs like with a heating pad. These lavender neck wraps are flexible and easy to make and retain their heat for a while.

Things You Will Need

Here is what you will need:

A microwave (for heating up your lavender neck wrap)

Soft cotton fabric measuring 30 inches by 11 inches. (You can reuse something here or find some soft scraps you may have around)

One long knee sock.

2 pounds of plain rice

lavender oil (you can get this from the health food stores, under essential oils)

string to tie off the sock

fabric glue for the lavender neck wrap

piece of Velcro (to close the lavender neck wrap opening when in use)

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Step 1


Fold the cotton piece in half (lengthwise) and with right sides together, find the center, and then mark off four inches from each side of the center. This will be left open for getting your rice sock in and out as needed. The opening should then measure eight inches.

Glue the remain edges with your fabric glue, using a 1/4 inch seam allowance (if you would prefer to sew this on a sewing machine, then go ahead, you don't have to be restricted to using the fabric glue)

Turn the cotton tube to the right side, and then quickly press if you wish, then attach your Velcro pieces to the opening that has been left. You can sew these on or glue them your choice.

Take your rice and pour into a bowl and add about ten drops of your lavender oil. You can adjust this amount if you wish, but start with ten drops and see how that is for you.

Mix the lavender oil in the rice, then pour the rice into the sock. A trick here is to pour some rice into either a jug with a spout or use a paper plate and then fold it as a funnel, or use a kitchen funnel.

Fill the sock about 3/4 full so that the sock is pliable, you don't want it jammed so full that it won't bend. Then tie off the sock with the string.

Now you are going to want your lavender neck wrap heated to give it a try. So take your filled sock and sit it on a paper towel or two in the microwave and heat on high for 30 seconds. Feel the sock and heat again if you need to, and get it to a nice warm temperature for you. Don't have it too hot.

You can experiment with your microwave, as to how long is needed to heat up your lavender neck wrap.

Now take your sock and insert it into the long cotton tube you made, through the opening you left, and then press the Velcro shut, and put this around your neck, or across your forehead. Although this is a lavender neck wrap, you can use it anywhere a bit of heat will help you, such as stiff joints etc. Plus the lavender aroma will help you feel relaxed and soothed.

If you time this right you can have the kettle going while you are getting your lavender neck wrap ready, and have a cup of herbal tea while sitting with your lavender neck wrap on and feel that gentle neck heat and close your eyes and let the stresses of the day go.

You can make a few of these lavender neck wraps, and give to friends and family as gifts. You can get creative with the cotton tube. You can make them as decorative as you want. Plus these can be laundered with no problem. Just take out your rice sock and throw the tube in the wash.

Have a few around, as your family are going to love these.

If you just don't want any neck heat on your neck, then you can also throw your rice sock in the fridge and leave it there ready for a cool wrap. You can do whatever you want with this lavender neck wrap.

If you are good with a sewing machine, then you could make patchwork neck wraps and you could also try selling them at craft shows. These can become "useful crafts"

You are not limited to lavender either. I chose lavender because it is a soothing relaxing herb, but you can try others that suit your tastes, and whatever would make you feel good. Just make sure and relax with your neck wrap, put up your feet and tell your family, that this is your time.

As long as you don't get the rice wet, the rice filled sock should last a good long time. If after a while you start to lose that lavender aroma, you can always open your sock and add some more, or replace the rice with a new batch of rice and a renewal of the lavender essential oils.

If you purchase lavender as an essential oil, it will be in a small bottle and these are strong, so that is why you only need ten drops to begin with, so do some experimenting, and make your own lavender neck wrap and relax.


Tips & Warnings

You are going to want to make a few of these lavender neck wraps!

Or Purchase a Ready Made Lavender Wrap!