Bad and Worse

When it comes to modern policing, there is so much corruption everywhere it's hard to get past it.  Plainly, men and women all over the USA, and all over the globe are losing faith in police departments.  This loss of faith is well deserved, as police seem more enforcers of corporate and state overlords than servants of the people. It's easy to see all the police corruption and to forget there are also some good, intelligent persons in the police forces.

There's no doubt when a man or woman puts on that badge and blue uniform it changes their very thinking.  It also changes the thinking of persons seeing a person for them having on such a uniform[1]. As police become more and more paramilitary instead of friendly, smiling, servants of the public, it's quite normal to fear police officers, and with fear comes distrust. It's never wise to speak to police officers for any reason, but in the back of one's mind it could be beneficial to consider that just maybe the officer of the law you see is a member of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition.

L.E.A.P. is an organization of police officers who recognize the drug war as a total failure[2]. They realize what a huge waste of American tax dollars the drug war is[3]. They furthermore realize the drug war is a war against the American citizen. The death toll in Mexico [4]alone should be enough to allow any decent human being to see what the consequences of prohibition are.  These law enforcement people against prohibition, they've got that part of being a decent human being down.

When Law Enforcement Wants To End The Drug War, You Have To Wonder Why

You Have To Ask Why

Why is it I and so many others see the law enforcement against prohibition people as so brilliant?  Well, for one thing, they're more educated individuals, or if not, they are certainly more perceptive.  You see, modern civilization itself was likely founded upon intoxicating beverages[5], and the need of the people to have sustainable supplies of such things. The police officers in the organization known of as L.E.A.P. are not for the use of intoxicating substances, they are for them not being prohibited.  It is rather plain that making a thing illegal makes a thing more desired.  That prohibition of things creates a black market[7], and that black markets are ruled by the least scrupulous individuals, well, that's common sense.

Concerning marijuana usage, the people of L.E.A.P. do not advocate the use of the plant, neither do they condemn it.  The law enforcement people against prohibition know how ridiculous it is to attempt to tell people it is a crime to use such a thing, or to prohibit them from the use of such a thing.  How silly must a human be to condemn a plant which humanity has been using for at least 12 thousand years[8]?  The officers in L.E.A.P. are intelligent officers, rational officers, and ...simply put, the only officers of the law who have a grasp on humanity, its natural proclivities, and its history.

We live in a world of lies, contradictions, and money.  We live in a world where a medicinal herb used for at least twelve thousand years in human history is illegal in the USA because it would pose a threat to big pharmaceutical corporation's profits[9]. While police around the nation on the city, county, state, and federal levels are busting and locking up users of substances to put them into for profit prisons, the DEA is importing the drugs our friends and neighbors, brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, aunts and uncles, and mothers and fathers are arrested for. Is this sane?  No, my friends, hypocrisy and massive contradictions such as the DEA literally supervising the sales of drugs while also arresting persons for the purchase or possession of the drugs they supervised the shipments and sales of is never sane.

So who are the people of law enforcement against prohibition?  Well, they are the most rational, reasonable, sane, and intelligent police officers on planet Earth.  To be a non-member of this group is to be an irrational, unreasonable, insane, and unintelligent police officer.  The group was founded on Marth 16th of 2002[10], a day to be remembered, my friends, as it was a day where police officers came together and first as a group decided the insanity of the drug war, the war against humanity, must end. Also welcome and having membership in the organization are members of the criminal justice community who are not officers of the law, but rather, persons seeking the betterment of humanity through actual human rights, and love of their very neighbors as themselves.  They are persons free of self righteous judgementalism, they know the common citizen is not heavy, but is their brothers and their sisters.

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