Starting your career in law enforcement means you have to first do a law enforcement job search. How will you ever find the perfect job for yourself if you do not do the search? When doing a law enforcement job search it is important to find out information about the department, including the qualifications, to see if it will be a right fit for you. If you are or have studied criminal justice in a college setting then you might have been able to take advantage of a job board that your school put up, or perhaps you had the opportunity to go to a job fair. A lot of folks out there have not had this opportunity, so where do you go to do your law enforcement job search?

Seattle PoliceI suppose you could track down certain towns or cities that you would like to work for, and either go to their employment office or see if they have a website with employment information. You could also do a Google search for law enforcement jobs or go to a job board like Monster or Career Builder. One of my favorite places to do a law enforcement job search was and still is The Blue Line. Back in the day when The Blue Line started, it was a free pamphlet that came out monthly and was sent to most of the university criminal justice departments. In it you could find out about what local and out of state departments where hiring. Now days, The Blue Line has gone high tech and has it's own website.

What I love about The Blue Line is that not only can you find out what departments are hiring, but they also list the requirements, benefits, salary, preferred qualifications, and application deadline. They also give interesting information as to how big the department is and the population of the town. Another great thing about The Blue Line is that they not only list sworn officer job openings, but they also have fire service jobs, corrections jobs, and civilian jobs. They even list federal jobs too. Now back in the day, the local colleges got the pamphlet for free, however, if you want full access to their listed job openings then of course now days there is a monthly fee, but I do think it is worth it. If you were to look up every city in the United States it would be a tedious and tiring search. The Blue Line is so well known that cities send their job openings to them so people do not have to sit and do the tedious searches. Hey, they even have a facebook page so you can keep up on all the new job listings.

Boarder PatrolIf you know that you want to work for the federal government, then another place that you can do a law enforcement job search is the OPM (US Office of Personnel Management) website. They run a site called USAJobs that posts all federal law enforcement jobs including sworn and civilian jobs. Depending on what departments are hiring you can find information on FBI, DEA, CIA and even civilian investigators for the military. If by chance you want to work for a particular state, and you do not want to use The Blue Line, you can always check each state's personnel board online. If there are job opening for law enforcement then the personnel board will have them listed with requirement information, salary and benefit information and deadlines.

A job in law enforcement can be an exciting albeit demanding career that can span over 30 years. If it is really what you want to do, then take the time to find a law enforcement job that is suited for you. It will only make you that much happier over the long run. Good luck with your search.