Living the law of attraction can be difficult at first. In fact, if you're stuck in a situation like poverty it can seem next to impossible to start acting and thinking wealthy. There are a few ways that you can really ease your way into this. One of the biggest steps is the first one. You’re going to have to actually try it, even if it seems silly or impossible.

There are several books that you can really look to for inspiration. One of the more popular books is The Secret by Rhonda Byrne which is a good starting point. You can also look for how other people in your exact situation have used the law of attraction. Look for "I Lost My Job and I Liked It: 30 Day Law of Attraction Diary of a Dream Job Seeker" by Lilou Mace. Surrounding yourself with inspiration helps. Then you can see that this really works, even if you haven’t seen the results in your own life yet.

Surround yourself with positive thinking. Pay attention to your feelings when you watch movies or hang out with certain people. You need to get the flow of positive emotions going. You don’t have to cut yourself off from all media or your regular friends. However, you need to carefully filter your thoughts.

Other law of attraction tips are going to include keeping your goals in mind. Creating a vision board is really going to help you to focus in on what you want. You can also try visualization or meditation to really discover how you feel when you actually obtain your goals.

It's also really important to notice subtle changes. Gratitude and joy are integral to the law of attraction. In this case you could start a law of attraction diary where you focus on what you want and then record the date that you get it. If you're having a discouraging day then really read through this to get back on the right track. You will see it working either in steps or in other areas before you achieve your end goal.

Give it time. Sure, anything is possible at anytime. However, you are going to have to be able to handle whatever experience you are trying to create. This might not happen overnight and that's no reason to quit. It's just a matter of focusing on what you want and working towards it until you get it.