You could be happier than you think

What if you could really, I mean, really create the life you want rather than living by default as so many do?  This step by step guide teaches you how.

The Universe does not speak English

So, you may have heard or read that the Universe delivers to you that which you want.   Yes, that’s true.  For any law to be a law, especially a universal one cited in so many works by so many authors for so very long, it must be consistent, reliable and absolutely, without question, true.

It may be correct to say that the Universe brings to you that which you want, though not necessarily, what you ask for.

The Universe does not speak English, its language is not spoken.  

You give out an energy signature which is charged by your emotional state. This is what is constantly ‘read’ by the Universal forces and responded to consistently .    In short, you vibrate.  Every living thing does as everything is energy and energy vibrates.  

You cannot think without feeling.  You cannot feel without thinking.  However, you can think and deny the feelings and you can feel and deny the thoughts.  That intricate connection of thoughts and feelings is called emotion.

So why do I not get what I ask for?  There are contradictions between what you think you believe and what you believe you think.  Thoughts and feelings and actions and behaviours don't always follow beliefs and morals and values (put your money where your mouth is, yes?) and these change according to age and experience and processing and power to imagine and compassion.

One of the most useful elements of exaggerated soap operas and films is that we can see the character develop and unfold of people we may never choose to encounter .  You can understand how one could be driven to insanity or murder or adultery now you have seemingly watched the entire life of a person unfold before you in less than two hours. You have seen their experience through their eyes and the varying perspectives of other characters sharing their world.

In fact, we are so capable of diving into someone else’s reality that we often lose connection with our own as we listen to well intentioned sympathetic advice from others who do not think in our heads, or feel in our bodies.  The only one who really knows what is good for you, is you.

We do not get what we ask for because we do not speak the language of the world of the unconscious (as we create our experience at an unconscious level) and we do not mean what we say or say what we mean.   As we sometimes have to fib to others for often good reason, it is time to tell ourselves the truth.

You do it already!

If you are going to in any way accept the law of attraction then you have to play with the idea that because it is a universal law, that it is already working for you.   It may not be working out exactly as you would like and that is because you are vibrating.   Right here, right now, you are vibrating.  You are spinning too, of course.  You might already know that any point on the surface of the Earth it is moving at 1675 kilometers an hour or 465 meters per second which equals 1,040 miles an hour. Just think, for every second, you’re moving almost half a kilometer through space, and it never even messes up your hair.

Well, maybe now that you are remembering how fast you spin, by forces beyond your control, it may not be too much of a leap to recognise that you also vibrate.  All life does.  That is because all life is made up of energy.  Without getting into too much of the science stuff, everything is made up of energy, of particles and molecules and protons and electrons, which is all moving.   By the way, the great news is, your vibration is something which actually is under your control though you may not be aware of this fact yet and that’s why this article is so crucial to your understanding and awareness and how you will be able to make some positive changes easily and quickly just like I have done for hundreds of clients and delegates over the years. It’s your turn now.

Scream movie posterCredit: Image from movie poster of the film Scream


Noticing what irritates you or drives you berserk is usually the first step!  Anything, yes, anything, you give your attention to gets locked into your vibration and becomes part of the signal you are sending out.  For example, you may say that you hate it when someone speaks to you like that or when you feel fat or when you think you do not have enough money or when nobody listens to you, etc.   Oops. 

Why doesn’t my unconscious just tell me?

If you get irritated (and who doesn’t!) at the manner in which your inner self communicates, or tries to communicate, with you then there is good reason why it does so in cloaked, metaphoric symbology.

We  have cut ourselves off from many of the avenues through which this communication used to happen and are so busy and stressed within the barrage of information and data being thrown at us this way and that, that it has become difficult to think clearly.  Difficult, though not impossible.  Where do your thoughts come from, do you think?  Think about that then.  Where do your thoughts originate?   Take back control of thinking.

As a hypnotist, once you know how the mind works it is quite easy to implant a thought into the mind of another, usually and hopefully for therapeutic benefit, though not always.   In the modern world it is impossible to function without your thoughts being hijacked.   Go to the supermarket to just buy that one bottle of milk, drive a short distance without seeing huge advertisements in your pathway, that you read and yet don’t want to, much better to have eyes on the road; though you do read them.   Bus stops, shop windows, even the clothes of the people walking past you with their logos and statements, never to have to even mention television and commercials and bright colourful glossy bits of paper that issue forth from the letterbox into the privacy of your home, phew it's all a bit much isn't it?

A Simple Equation

Your negative ego, which intervenes and blocks your manifesting much more than you are aware of and is not your friend, is not very clever.  It is however, persistent and determined, cloaking itself in being your protector as it objects to the more subtle inspiration of your intuition.  When you have to think about things more deeply, look for hidden meanings, ponder on ambiguities and then have your penny dropping moments of true realisation, then the learnings are far more impactful and durable. 

SO, catch yourself thinking! If you think ‘I never have enough’ (money) then put yourself in the vibe of having enough and send out a genuine thought about what you have enough of, avoiding the money focus.  You may not have enough money so to lie to yourself to try and fool some part of the Universe to take pity on you will not work.   However, send out the vibe of having enough love, enough air to breath, enough clothes to wear, enough water to drink and the vibe of ‘enough’ goes out to the Universe, attracting ‘enough’ back wherever the perceived lack is.  It's quite simple (irritatingly simple in fact, so simple that out negative ego often throw out the solution as not being complicated enough!).  Just recognise the negative thought that you are thinking and capture it, reverse it and you have your remedy.

Thinking you are poor equals being poor, so think rich!  Thinking you are unloved equals being unloved, so think loved!  Thinking you are stupid equals being stupid, so think wise!  Thinking you are ugly equals being ugly so, think beautiful!  Thinking you are powerless equals being powerless so, think powerful!  We usually slip into blaming others for how we think.  We maybe were prompted to think we were fat because someone called us fat and we began to question whether we were good enough.  In fact it is the good enough thought that is where the power is, in my opinion.  We could perhaps all think that in some respects we are not good enough.  We might think we are not rich enough, clever enough, slim enough, the list goes on.  This is a natural thought pattern as our unconscious or higher aspect of ourselves always wants us to strive to be better than we are.  Obviously, a facet of that idea is that right here, right now we may not feel good enough when another brings an aspect of our experience to our attention.  To come out of the blame frame and to take back some sort of power, the first step would be to allow yourself to question what has been brought to your attention.  The following paragraph example might help to process out one particular insult into a more positive frame. 

"So, I have just been called fat.  I might then question silently to myself, is that true?  Am I fat? Well, I have some excess energy stored in my body that folks call fat and yes, I think it might be time to address that issue because I reckon I do eat a bit more than I ought to and I haven't exercised for a while.   However, I am not fat.  Fat is a substance that I possess, though I am not it.  I am me.  I have some fat, crudely put, though I have fat, yes.   Thanks for bringing it to my attention.  How do I turn that to a positive?  I am lean, strong and healthy.  No. I am not.   How could I behave until I feel that I am leaner, stronger and healthier than I presently am.  Oh, I see what I could do.  It seems I have a lack of slimness!  There is a lack of lean, strong and healthy within me and I want more of it.  I am good enough right now though.  I am lean, strong and healthy enough, though I would like more."

Working with yourself where you are strong will be a good point of focus.  Focus on the lack of anything and you will attract more lack.  Come out of blame frame and recognise what you would like more of, knowing you already have some of it and focus on having more.

The subject does not matter!   The Universe will see to it that your lack is fulfilled if you allow yourself to process positively.  The way to allow it is to switch any thoughts of lack around on the spot.   There will be something you can feel rich about, there will be something you are wise or clever about, there is something beautiful you can focus upon, etc.  No, it's not easy, not everything worthwhile is easy and you were not designed for lazy thinking, you are a brilliant bio mechanical computer, so get thinking.


Some folks work with affirmations, standing in front of the mirror or with friends or screaming from tops of mountains to tell the Universe what they want, when the other 99% of the time, affirming quite the opposite.  For example, saying aloud to yourself , ‘I am rich’  repeatedly to attract riches to your life will not happen if it is said without the passion and driving force of the emotion of abundance, which is what fuels the vibration and sends it spinning at the right frequency.  Neither will it work if you say it ten times a day when a hundred times a day you  think of lack, such as when a bill arrives and you worry there is not enough in your account, or a friend asks to borrow money and you just can’t do it, or you want a new car and talk yourself out of it as you can’t afford it. 

 Thoughts are pictures not words

To envision is to hold a certain thought in one's mind, that thought being the exact image of what it is one would like to manifest into a physical state.   It is the end goal and the thing one wants to obtain for one's self.   Often we are unclear of what it is that we want and what it will look like.  We dream in pictures every night, though often do not remember the images.  We think in images and translate them into words to communicate them.  To communicate our thoughts and ideas on that which we want to send out to the Universe it is crucial to have a positive picture in mind of the scenario.

Therefore we must learn to be vigilant and be very careful in what we think, cleaning up our vibration by choosing only thoughts that relay information exactly upon what it is we wish to have manifest in our life.

We already, automatically, create from the subconscious part of the mind, so the task we now undertake is to create consciously.  Firstly though, recognise the subconscious and how it creates and work with it.  The subconscious is responsible for turning the images held in one’s mind into physical reality.  It holds anything perceived and held in one’s mind as actual truth.

 Know that it is already yours

For your manifesting to work you need not to believe that it is on its way and coming, but to associate positive feelings and appropriate sensory information appropriate to the thing you wish to attract.    Imagine, pretend, that this is already yours in some alternate universe and notice and understand what it truly feels like.

Recognise that you have little excitement about the stuff you already have, you kind of take it for granted and move on to the next thing you want, so really understand what the vibe feels like of ownership.   How would I be different if I had this thing?  What would be different in my life?  How would I be regarded by others?   Use stuff you have already manifested to tune into the vibe.  Own it.


Receiving is an energy. It is not an insurance policy. It is not a guarantee of success.  It’s an energy.  Receiving is an energy to respect, to harness, to direct, to generate.  It is a balance between disengaging the reluctance or refusal to receive and actively engaging and embracing the full body of what you truly want to receive. Receiving is neither friend nor foe, but will function as one depending upon whether you are your own friend or your own foe.

The first key to the phenomenon of Receiving is that you already know how to do it. You already do receive -- and not just the good stuff! You see, you do not need to learn how to receive. You need to learn the magic of redirecting the allowing, but you already know the function. You're doing it already.  You often allow too much bad stuff.  Receiving is a balance between disengaging from the resistances to receiving and engaging and embracing the full range of what you want to receive. Sometimes receiving is not so pleasant, and the key to it is to become conscious.  Become AWARE.

Becoming conscious of the receiving that is already happening, whether it's good or bad, whether you like it or not, is a vital part to understanding and reaching the magic of manifestation.

You see, receiving isn't just sitting there with your arms open, waiting. Receiving isn't refusing to take the action (inspired action that is, inspired action! Not action for action’s sake in desperation and fury) steps because "I'm going to receive. I'm not going to program and process. I'm going to receive." Receiving isn't avoiding what needs to be done. "The washing up needs to be done. I think I'll receive clean dishes!"  It's not about procrastinating or avoiding processing. It's not that sort of dull, passive energy, it is a very active, very dynamic, very conscious choice.

The Resistances 

The resistances are emotional states that manifest inside of you.  We have been taught, or conditioned manipulated, or threatened out of receiving.

You were taught, conditioned, manipulated, or threatened into believing that to receive is weak, greedy, and selfish which is wrong. 

Think of all the things that happen without your effort!   Beating of your heart, spinning of the earth, grass growing up all over the place, even weeds through tough tarmac and mould in your bathroom.   So much happens without your interference and it is often our negative interference that halts our wellbeing.

Receive.  Learn.  Remember how. Just let it be.  If we were to stop the negative thoughts about the stuff that we want it would more naturally flow to us. So let’s stop.  How?  By being aware, by using the polar opposite, by reading this tiny article again!   It’s all here.  Experiment with it, have fun with it learn more and keep smiling.  Are you smiling?  Do you want more smiles? Then recognise what you are frowning or sad about and turn it around.  

There you go.   You could be happier than you think.