A good way to improve your garden lawn is by aerating it, one of the cheapest ways to do this is with the use of lawn aerator shoes. Aerating the lawn allows water and air to get direct access to the grass's root system which results in a better and healthier lawn. These shoes are so popular, because they are so cheap when you compare them to lawn aerator machines. These shoes are also very popular with the older gardener because there are no heavy tools to move about and use. If you want to keep your grass growing strong then this is one gardening gadget that you will definitely need to take a look at.There are lots and lots of different makes out there in the marketplace so let's take a quick look at just four that are out there for sale in the shops at the moment.

The first pair of lawn aerator shoes that we are going to look at is the Rumford Gardener LA5000 lawn aerator sandals. These sandals have solid steel zinc plated spikes and they simply strap over your existing footwear for a snug and customized fit. These shoes are fantastic at loosening hardened soil and facilitating lawn aeration.

The second pair that we are going to look at is the Bond 9215 aerator shoes. These shoes are made from sturdy plastic and have woven plastic straps to secure them to your feet. They have twelve 2 inch long spikes on each shoe that will aerate your lawn and soil quickly and easily, These shoes will create thousands of 2 inch deep holes that will create moisture and air to soak deep into your lawn. This product comes with full instructions to get you started straight away. The shoes are a rugged green color and have an overall length of 11.4 inches making them an ideal size for almost every adults foot.

The third pair of lawn aerator shoes that we are going to look at is the lawn aerating sandals. These one size fits all sandals have a whopping twenty six 1.25" spikes and have an heavy duty adjustable nylon straps to ensure that the sandals stay on your feet whilst you are using them to aerate your lawn. They have a front toe kick which is excellent for knocking off grass and dirt build up and also have an extra strong footplate for added durability and strength.

The fourth and final pair that we are going to look at is the Greenkey lawn aerator shoes. These comfortable shoes are designed to fit feet of all sizes all you need to do is adjust the straps, once you have these shoes on your feet it will hardly feel like you are wearing them. They have one inch galvanized steel spikes for a long rust free life and deep soil penetration. The footplate of the shoe is really thick making them a product that is strong and durable. There is also a rear heel kick on the shoe which is excellent for kicking off the build up of grass and dirt as you are moving around the garden aerating the lawn. The straps are heavy duty which allows them to stay tight on your feet at all times. Once you have finished using them they are also very easy to clean. All of these shoes will cost you less than twenty dollars to purchase and are excellent value for money for such a wonderful gardening gadget.