Taking care of your lawn requires time, effort, and commitment. A healthy lawn is thick, green, and the envy of your neighbors. To have a good lawn you need to do certain things weekly, monthly, and annually.

Weekly chores include watering the lawn, removing debris, and mowing the lawn. These three chores can be time consuming or not depending on how great you want your lawn to look. A lawn needs a certain amount of water per week to remain green and growing. If it does not get the required water it will start turning brown and go dormant. Mowing will have to be done according to local ordinances and your personal taste. I like a somewhat shaggy lawn but many people like them to be golf course short. Any debris that is left on your lawn for any length of time will cause the grass under it to die off.

Seasonal Chores include aerating, dethatching, fertilizing, and topdressing. Aerating the lawn should be done either once per year (spring or fall) or twice per year (spring and fall). Whether you need to aerate once or twice depends on the type of soil that you have. Clay soil is twice and sandy soil is once. Topdressing the lawn is a good way to condition and add organic material to the lawn. Fertilizing is grass food. Grass will deplete the nutrients from the lawn and those nutrients will need to be replaced.

Weeding the lawn is a special case. It needs to be done both seasonally (broadleaf killers and pre emergence) as well as weekly with hand weeding.

Following a good and complete schedule that covers all of the lawn care basics will help you to know when to do what. A lawn that is ignored and neglected will never look its best. Give your yard a little love and it will repay you with a wonderful place to play and walk.

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