Lawn Ornaments, Love Them or Hate Them

A lot of people have strong feelings about lawn ornaments. Some feel they add an exciting dimension to a lawn, garden or backyard space. Others feel they are just plain tacky and best hidden in a closed garage.Toilet planter

If you're part of the former group here are some ideas to get the most out of your lawn decorations.

Don't be afraid to experiment:

Try different ornaments in different locations. Arrange them in groups. Walk around your lawn or on the sidewalk in front of your house. Pull into the driveway. What do you see? Are the ornaments visually appealing? Are they creating the message you want to send out?

Buy quality ornaments:

Choose ornaments that are made of ingredients like terracotta or modern resins over those made with plastic. They have a deeper texture to them and can take more wear and tear. Most lawn ornaments are relatively inexpensive but if you do buy a larger, costlier decoration make sure it is somewhere where it can't be easily stolen.

Take care of your ornaments:

When fall comes, take that cute little bunny decoration out of the garden before it gets covered in snow. Wash it gently with soap and warm water and store it the garage or basement. Don't worry. The Hallowe'en and Christmas lawn decorations will be out before you know it.

The Classic Garden Gnome

Garden or lawn gnomes have been around since the 17th century. They were originally manufacturedGarden Gnomeered in Germany and there are an estimated 25 million gnomes in that country alone.

Garden gnomes come in a huge variety of sizes and postures. A gnome is a great first choice if you are planning to experiment with lawn decorations.

They are relatively inexpensive, however the world's most expensive garden gnome is more than two centuries old and insured for 1 million British pounds.

It is believed that garden gnomes ward off evil spirits.

Animals on the Lawn

There is a full range of animal decorations on the market as lawn ornaments. There is a lot of flexibility in the animal you choose, their size and their posture.Cat Sunning

One of the most popular is a small statue of a cat sunning itself. It is often placed near sidewalks, brickwork or stone paths.

Frogs are a nice accents near ponds. You can also choose from bears, ducks, deer, dogs, bunnies, cows and even a rhinoceros. Don't forget the pink flamingos.

When choosing a bigger statue or ornament make sure you have ample room. A life size ornament of a deer would be awkward in a small yard, but night look beautiful in a large well treed lot.

If animals aren't your cup of tea, you might consider angel and small children ornaments. You can check out lawn decorations at your local garden center or shop online. There are new characters and models coming out every year, which means you can experiment, mix and match,

 Shop around. There's lot's to choose from.

One Final Note

Lawn ornaments and decorations often double as planters. You can make your own. Painted bathtubs, old work boots, toyBoot planter(93562) boats are just some of the possibilities.

Let your imagination run wild in your local garbage dump or landfill. What can be refurbished as an interesting planter and lawn decoration?

Drive around and check out lawns in other neighborhoods. What looks cool and interesting? What ideas can you incorporate into your outdoor space?

Choose a theme and have fun.

Don't forget to consider your next door neighbors feelings. What you may think is very cool may irritate them. Unless of course, you are embroiled in a neighbor feud.

In that case, bring on the flamingos.