If you’re a small lawn care business looking to grow, then you’ll need flyers. Lots of flyers. But just how many flyers will you need? Assuming you want 100 regular yards then you will need around 3000 flyers in an established area. Advertising specialists will tell you that a 3% response rate is average for an established neighborhood. 3% is fine and all, but why settle for so little if you could get more? By targeting recently developed areas or areas with an aging population you will increase your odds of getting a return off any given flyer.

            Once you have determined the areas that will return the greatest number of customers per flyer hold nothing back. When I was first building my business I hired my high school friends on the track team to run in neighborhoods with my flyers. I was in high school when I started my first company. This was a pretty great deal for all of us since I paid them to practice, and they built me a customer base much larger than I could have ever established on my own.

                       Don’t try to build your business on your own. There are plenty of willing workers ready to pass out  flyers for you in return for a very small sum of money. Imagine what you can do with 5 advertisers at minimum wage, 10,000 flyers, and 2 weeks in early spring. You can build a business in weeks that will make you a small fortune over time

            The only way to grow a company exponentially is to grow its profits exponentially. There are many ways to increase profit but cutting costs and increasing prices only vary profits directly and incrementally. The way to grow profits exponentially is to grow a strong, and loyal customer base full of people who want to help your business succeed. If you run your business well 10 original customers will swiftly become 100. 

            When the time to market presents itself, do not hesitate. It will be to late if you wait for tomorrow. Building a company takes action, and it takes risk. Don't wait for tomorrow to get started.