Keeping your lawn neat and tidy is an important part of instilling a sense of pride in your home’s appearance. Whether you are replacing one that stopped working or you are looking for brand new lawn mowers for sale for the first time, you may be surprised at just how much of a range there is with lawn mower prices. They can range from the affordable to costing about the same as your mortgage payment, which can be a shock to your budget.

With so many lawn mowers for sale in a wide variety of garden centers, home improvement centers, and from other retailers, it can be difficult to determine which lawn mower is the one that you actually need in order to keep your lawn looking neat and tidy.

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Decide What You Need

Give some thought to the size of your lawn. Is it something that can be mowed in less than thirty minutes? Or do you have at least an acre of grass to keep in line? The size and power of your lawn mower should typically be driven by the amount of work that you have to do on your lawn. A small patch of grass that can be mowed in fifteen minutes doesn’t require a large ride-on mower. By the same token, an acre of yard space is better served by the large ride-on mower than by the mower you need to manually walk for over an hour.

Once you have determined just how much lawn mower you actually need, you can start to give some thought to your available budget. You definitely don’t want to be put into a financial pickle all for the sake of a really expensive lawn mower, but you also want to ensure that you are buying something that will be reliable and functional for your lawn space.

Take the time to do a bit of research into the types of lawn mowers for sale, within your budget, and be sure to also read some lawn mowers reviews. Reviews are an excellent way to find out what other consumers thought of a product, and can also help you to form a better opinion of a product before you even purchase it.

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New vs. Used

Garden tools are amongst the most often found items on the used market, which means that you shouldn’t have any problem finding a great selection of used lawn mowers for sale if you decide that a used mower is the best choice for your budget.

With the right care and routine maintenance, you’ll find that used lawn mowers can last for several years, through several owners. There are some great sources for pre-owned lawn mowers for sale, including some of the following.

  • Lawn mower repair shops
  • Craigslist
  • Garage sales
  • Estate sales
  • Independent garden centers

Before you take home a used lawn mower, you should be sure that you start it up and let it idle for a few moments so that you can make sure it is in good workable shape. The major downside to purchasing used equipment is that you won’t be able to return anything if it doesn’t work when you get it home. Of course, if the deal is too good to pass up, you may be able to do minor repair work on a really good quality lawn mower. But do keep the time investment in mind before considering taking on a lawn mower that is in need of repairs.

Buying new lawn mowers will give you that warranty in case something goes wrong with the equipment within the first six to twelve months of owning it, but it can also sometimes be a little heavier on the budget to consider some of the newer lawn mowers for sale. Home improvement centers like Lowes and Hope Depot typically offer a great selection of lawn mowers, year-round. Their staff is usually well-informed and can help you to determine which of their available mowers will be the right solution for you. You may find that some of the lawn mowers for sale at Walmart are comparable to the other stores, but their prices might be a little bit lower. When you buy a Walmart lawn mower however, you aren’t likely to have the benefit of the knowledgeable lawn care experts often found in the home improvement centers.

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Smart Shopping for Savings

No matter what your budget might be, it is always great to save a bit of money off of a purchase. Even if you plan on shopping for pre-owned lawn mowers for sale, you still have a bit of negotiating leeway with the sellers. Be sure to offer a fair and realistic price for the pre-owned lawn care equipment and you’ll likely find that the sellers are more than willing to negotiate a deal with you. If you are shopping on Craigslist or hitting up garage sales, you might find that the sellers are willing to cut you a deal on the pricing if you are interested in some of the other items that they are selling. This could be an excellent opportunity for you to get a new edger, tiller, or weed whacker, for a steal of a deal.

When you are shopping for brand new lawn mowers for sale, you have less in the way of negotiating power. However you do have the opportunity to save money by shopping smart. Do a bit of cost comparison shopping across a few stores so that you can see which one is offering the best deal.

An in-store coupon could help you to save as much as 15% off of your purchase; stores like Lowes and Home Depot frequently offer coupons and discount savings to their customers. They also often give a 10% discount to military families, which can help you to save a lot of money off of your new lawn mower.

Shopping at the end of the summer gardening season can also help you to find a great deal on this year’s models of lawn mowers. Stores often drop their prices in anticipation of the new line of mowers being released for the next summer lawn care season.

Always be sure to find out if your credit card company offers cash back on purchases from home improvement stores, because that just results in money being put back into your pocket.

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