When I first moved into my existing residence, I watered, weeded, fertilized, cut, trimmed and mowed my lawn to keep it looking green and an atribute to my home. I began getting up earlier, just so I could sustain the water bill within reason, before sunrise and heat took away the moisture I was applying.

My efforts seemed to create more work for me. The fertilizers and watering kept it green, but they also helped the grass to grow and need to be cut and trimmed more often than if I did not do those things. I began seeing the process of being a slave to my green outside my window.

Disadvantages of a lawn:

1. Fertilizer needed. Cost $ 70 a year

2. Water irrigation. Cost $ 30 a month for water, $ 18 a month for electric during summer months.

3. Lawn mowing. Cost $ 120 a year ( cut every 2 weeks for 6 months).

4. Pesticide and weed killer. Cost $90 a year.

You have read this far because your expenses are equal or greater than what I state and you are contemplating a change for some or all of the same reasons I determined that too.

It did not take me long to determine I did need to make some monitary changes before the green lawn took all the green from my bank account.

My trip to a local gravel pit, offered me many choices of size and color. I decided to be creative and put pea gravel, the size of a pea, on the inner area and border it with red lava rock from my local Wal-Mart. Before I bought anything, I had some work to do to prepare my yard for this new look.

I have used landscaping tarps and the weeds still came through, so I decided on the heavy, black sheeting material available at a local feed store already in a long roll.

I put that down right over my grass and secured it with boulders and pieces of wood from my yard. It is necessary to do that so the surface becomes somewhat flat for the rocks to be dispursed. If you have hills and dales, you will need to level those out so you have a smooth and somewhat even area for the rocks. That is unless you want to keep the bumps for your own personal look.

My black sheeting was down for 1 week. I thought I died and went to heaven with all the time I had on my hands by not slaving over my lawn those days. I have to tell you that I did not figure my time in the figures above.

After I determined which day I was going to spread the gravel, I ordered it delivered and dropped on my sheeting after I removed the boulders and pieces of wood that secured the black sheeting material. This was the pea gravel I had delivered that was going to be the bulk of the new rock yard.

In two days, I single handedly spread the gravel about 3 inches deep. It was suggested for that depth by the gravel experts, so the black sheeting material would not show through the rock. I made my purchase of the red lava rock by the bag at Wal-Mart since the price to have that delivered and to pay for it was too expensive when I inquired about that at the gravel pit.

I determined how wide a border of the red lava rock would be and did some measuring to purchase the correct number of bags to create my pretty border around the pea gravel that was gray in color.

My property is now worth more because of the better look, the lower maintenance costs and the forever permanence of the rock yard. My time is now back where it belongs and I am so pleased everyday to look at the carefree yard not beckoning me to slave over it anymore.

Take a look at your options and take your time back where it should be along with your wallet staying plumper because of your choice to consider a rock yard instead of a grass one. Then send me a note on here that you are happy I shared this information to tell you of the options for a landscaping idea you can do yourself.

Photo above is courtesy photobucket.com