Money Before Lawsuit Settlement For Emergency Cash Needs

If you need money before you lawsuit is settlement for emergency cash need, then you should look in to lawsuit settlement cash funding. For those involved in lawsuit cases such as car accidents, worker's compensation lawsuits, commercial construction accidents or any other case where you are expecting to get a judgement in your favor but can't wait for the court system and need emergency cash now-these pre-settlement companies will gladly loan you money against your pre-annuity settlement and pay you the lump sum emergency cash you need right now.


How Do Pre-Settlement Lawsuit Companies Work?

Pre-settlement lawsuits work almost the same as settlement lawsuits or annuity lump sum payouts with a few differences. The lump sum cash can be accessed even before the lawsuit is over and you receive an award. If you are expecting a cash settlement from a pending verdict, judgement or lawsuit, you can most often get the emergency lump sum cash you need from pre-settlement lawsuit company. Secondly, the pre-settlement money you get is in the form of a loan and not a percentage of the settlement as with settlement companies or annuity lump sum payouts. Also, in depending on the settlement cash lending company, you don't have to pay back the loan amount.   Your case will be assessed to see if you are a good candidate for pre-settlement funds.

Since many people who are in a lawsuit, cannot wait for their settlements because the system often works too slow, these companies come in handy. Most likely, it's not that the potential cash recipient cannot wait the time it takes for the case to be over, often times they just can't afford to wait and need that lump sum money now!


Why Would You Need Your Money Now?

There are many reasons why you may want and need your money right now.  Emergencies happen everyday and that's when you need all your resources at your disposal.  You could need money to pay for medical expenses that are not covered by insurance, funeral expenses, to help you while you are out of work or on disability and so many more reasons.  When you need instant cash, there are very few options especially if you have bad credit. Only you can say whether or not your situation is dire enough to warrant getting an emergency cash loan against your pre-settlement lawsuit.  After assessing your financial situation carefully, so may decide to get a payday loan or an emergency cash loan instead of getting a loan against your pre-lawsuit settlement.  However, you should know that if you have an emergency where you need money right away, you do have several options, even if you have bad credit which includes pre-settlement lending.   

What Cases Are Likly Candidates For Pre-Settlement Funding?

According to LawCapital, a leading lawsuit pre-settlement cash lending company, the following lawsuits are prime candidates for pre-settlement cash lending:

Personal Injury(any kind), appeals, car accidents, plane accidents, bus accidents, civil rights cases, class action lawsuits, cruise ship accidents, dog bite lawsuits, commercial company lawsuits, labor law, medical malpractice, slip and fall, all cases that have been settled, premise liability, product liability, workers compensation, wrongful termination, wrongful death and more.

 Pretty much any case can be a good candidate for pre-settlement funding however, the ones listed above are the most popular.  In order to find out if your case is a good candidate for pre-settlement funding, you will have to contact one or several companies directly so they can assess your individual case.

What is The Process Of Getting Money Before The Lawsuit Ends

The process for getting money before your lawsuit case is over is quite simple in concept. You first have to fill out paperwork to see if you are approved.  As stated above, usually you have to know that judgment is going to be in your favor but there may be other criterion depending on the settlement company you decide to use.  After you are approved, you get an lump sum cash advance or loan.  Unlike post settlement lump sum cash settlements, you are not selling your future lawsuit payments, you are only taking a loan out against it. 

For this loan, the company puts a lien against your lawsuit case. Once you win the case, you are then obligated to pay back the loan.  As with any lien against your property, if you fail to pay the loan back, the lawsuit settlement company has a claim against your winnings.


Some Features of Pre-Settlement Lawsuit Lending

Non-Recourse Lawsuit Funding

Most pre-settlement lending companies have similar features.  Most are have a "non-recourse" benefit which means that even if you don't win your case, you don't have to pay back the instant cash loan they gave you against your pre-settlement.  This "non-recourse" feature is something that's very important and you should make sure any pre-settlement company you deal with has this feature.  There are "settlement loan companies" and "lawsuit loan companies" that may offer loans with your pending lawsuit acting as a lien, however, these companies do not have the "non-recourse" feature. 

What does that mean? It means that you have to pay them back even if you lose your case.  So it is very important when you are looking for a pre-settlement lending company to make sure they have the "non-recourse" benefit.

No Payments While Case Is Active

A good pre-settlement lawsuit company will not ask you to pay back the instant cash loan until your case has been settled.  If the company wants you to pay back the loan while your lawsuit is still active, you should probably find another company to get your pre-settlement loan from.

Other Important Features Of A Good Pre-Settlement Lending Company

  • Lends to those with bad credit or no credit
  • You do not need to be employed
  • No upfront out of pocket fees
  • Instant application and approval process

What Are The Best Lawsuit Pre-Settlement Funding Companies?

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