In a bathroom, the most prominent features are bathroom shower curtains and accessories. In fact, many people base the whole stylistic theme of their bathroom around its patterns and colors. There are kids bathroom shower curtains and adult varieties.The only problem, or so it seems, is that most of the really pretty or styled curtains cost quite a bit more than the plain and boring ones that you can get at the general store. There are plenty of options for those who are on a strict budget however. One option that is growing in popularity is to layer a fabric shower curtain with a plastic one, with the plastic one on the inner side closer to the shower. If you know where to look, you can have a really nice looking shower without spending much money on it at all.

First of all, you need an inner layer - this one is going to be the durable, waterproof one that protects the outer layer from getting damaged. It will also be the layer that prevents water from escaping onto your bathroom floor. You don't need a fancy bathroom shower curtain for the inner layer - just pick a plastic or vinyl variant that is a solid color. The solid color plastic ones run a lot less than the patterned ones, and they do their job just as well.

Next, you want to pick a nice outer curtain - the fabric shower curtains are going to probably cost a little bit more than the plain plastic ones, but many wholesale stores will have really nice patters available, so no need to go to your local luxury furniture store to find a beautiful print. When selecting the print or pattern you like best, be sure and remember the color that you chose for the inner layer shower curtain. If possible, find a pattern with colors that complement the inner layer.

Last, but certainly not least, you need a rod to support the curtains. Again, you want to look at the wholesale stores, as they usually have a decent selection of shower curtain rods that run for just a few dollars. Be wary of the flimsy plastic rods; although they may look pretty, they may not last you as long as you'd prefer them to. If you can find some sort of alloy or metal rod in a color similar to your inner layer, you've found your perfect match. The color of your bathroom curtains and shower curtains can be blended together. Once you put all three parts together, you'll have a nice ensemble of colors and materials that will be pleasing to the eye - and the wallet!