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If your name is Susan, I'm not calling you lazy! A lazy susan is an apparatus with a solid base and a rotating turntable on top that originated in the 1800's as a dumbwaiter in place of service staff. A lazy susan was used to assist at parties and large gatherings with the passing of wines, tea, food and condiments during a meal without having any conversation interrupted.

The lazy susan became popular in the 1950's as a kitchen and pantry item but today there are many areas in the home that a lazy susan is helpful, functional and a way to get organized now beyond just the kitchen.

A lazy susan can help anyone to get organized now with many uses around the home in almost any area that is either hard to reach or small spaces and most often are used in the kitchen. There are many ways that a lazy susan can help you to get organized now in each room of the home. Let's explore how a lazy susan can help you reduce clutter and obtain more space and function of either small or large spaces.

Lazy Susan – Get Organized Now – Kitchen Organization

Use a lazy susan in the kitchen in small kitchen cabinets to hold coffee or tea cups as an additional shelf to expand the storage area and help you see what you have.

A lazy susan helps in the kitchen pantry cupboard as a way to organize cans, jars and bottles. Buy several lazy susans so that one can be used on each shelf as a way to increase your storage space and get organized now to help you know what you have. This can also help to eliminate waste from outdated food that may get lost in the back of cupboards.

Use a lazy susan for kitchen organization as a spice rack in a cupboard next to the stove. Many times finding a good system of organizing spices is difficult or costly but, with a lazy susan that is inexpensive, one or two of these handy rotating units can help you quickly see and utilize the spices that you have. This will also prevent you from purchasing more spices that you may already own that have been hiding way in the back of a cupboard. A lazy susan is a much neater way of organizing kitchen cupboards as well.

Lazy Susan – Get Organized Now – Office Organization

A lazy susan can help with office organization if you place one in an office drawer, closet or office cabinet to store office supplies such as staples, tape, paper clips, scissors, binder clips, rubber bands, tape measure, reading glasses, pens, pencils and all other small items that sometimes tend to get lost in an unorganized office drawer.

A lazy susan can also be used in an office if you have a business in which you sell products. Organize all your products by size, color, shape or use on a lazy susan to help you with your product inventory and to reach a product quickly.

Find a lazy susan in many styles and sizes that can assist your office organization.

Lazy Susan – Get Organized Now – Linen Closet Organization

Use a lazy susan in the linen closet to contain and organize small bathroom supplies and items such as a container of cotton balls or Qtips, beauty products or makeup and hair clips, hair pins or other small items that typically get lost in a drawer.

A lazy susan can also be used in a linen closet for all first aid items such as band aids and bandages, bandage tape and scissors or first aid medications so that in case of a cut, everyone will know exactly where to find supplies quickly.

A lazy susan in the linen closet will free up your bathroom drawer space for items used daily and neatens the drawers as well.

Lazy Susan – Get Organized Now – Organize Craft Supplies

A lazy susan is a great way to organize all very small craft supply items that are too easily lost or misplaced such as beads, pins, needles, buttons, stickers or any other small items.

Keep all small craft items in small clear containers and store on a lazy susan so that all supplies are not only neatly stored but, use the lazy susan when doing the craft so that each of the needed items can be seen and found quickly. This is especially helpful if more than one person is working on a project – simply spin the lazy susan around for whatever item is needed.

Lazy Susan – Get Organized Now – Organize the Garage

A lazy susan can help to organize the garage for any small items that you might typically lose track of. These can be garden supplies such as seed packets, flower bulbs, plant fertilizers or small planting containers.

Use a lazy susan in a garage cupboard to make additional shelving space when space is limited.

Lazy Susan – Get Organized Now – Organize Jewelry

A great way to organize jewelry is to use a lazy susan on a shelf in a closet. All small items such as rings, bracelets, pins, broaches or earrings can sometimes get lost or at least not seen or worn often without a way to organize all jewelry.

Buy several lazy susans to organize large amounts of jewelry or keep one for small pieces and another for larger bracelets and watches. Using a lazy susan to organize jewelry will also help you to see what you own at a glance and will probably encourage you to wear more of the great pieces of jewelry that you own.

Try using a lazy susan under any board game such as scrabble to make play easier for each player.

There are so many ways to use a Lazy Susan to help you get organized now that is quick and inexpensive. Look around your home and find areas that need help in the organization department. A lazy susan can be found online at overstock or amazon in many forms and are made of wood, plastic, glass, granite, stainless steel and marble so that they can be displayed on a counter and coordinate with a kitchen, family room or game room.

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