Why is LeBron James so Good?

Probably one of the most talked about sport icons of the last century. Why you ask? Because of his dominating force on the basketball court. He is on his way to becomingone of the or the best basketball player to ever play the game. Le's start with his freakish 6 foot 8 inch height and weight of 250 pounds. I don't know about you, but that screams out athlete to me. With that type of size, I don't doubt he could succeed at any sport with some hard work and practice, but for now we will focus on basketball. With a body like that and the speed and power he has, he already has an upper edge on all of the competition. Now we can begin to look at his basketball skill set. LeBron James can play any postion, making him very versatile and useful. He can dribble and pass like a point guard. He can shoot and drive like a small forward. And he can rebound and block shots like a center. He pretty much has covered every skill a basketball player can have, and not only that but excel and thrive in every skill.

King James

Look at his numbers. In his 8 years as a pro, he has averaged 27 points a game, 7 rebounds, 7 assists, 1.7 steals, and 1 block a game. That is outrageous! At any givem time you might see the 6'8" freight train bringing up the ball. or dow on the block posting up. He has become infamous around the league for his come from behind blocks, his fearlessness and high energy slams, and his confidence to take the crucial shots during crunch time. But probably the most underrated aspect of his game and least understood is his ability to make those he is playing with better. That is what makes him truly special. He is such a threat on the basketball court that teams double or triple team him giving his teammates open looks and good shots. He finds open players well and is not selfish. Playing around himgives you confidence knowing the ball is in good hands and that he will create plays for himself and the team to win more games. He just won his third MVP trophy this year and who knows how many more he could win. Congratulations LeBron James thus far on a tremendous career.