LeKue Bakeware – Silicone Bakeware

LeKue silicon bakeware

If you'd like to become a better cook or a better baker, look no further than the bakeware items in your kitchen cabinets. You've tried all those other bakeware pans that claim to be non stick, durable and cook or bake perfectly right? Very soon after using most tin and metal bakeware, your pans are scratched, stained, and hard to clean and surely don't appear like new as well as many of them retain odors when cooking fish or other items.

When you buy LeKue bakeware (pronounced LeKway) you are buying the ultimate in silicone bakeware that will transform each and every recipe that you make into a perfect work of art. If you don't love to cook or bake because of the tools you are using, consider all the benefits of LeKue Bakeware and how Silicone Bakeware can transform your cooking and baking.

LeKue of Spain is the only patented manufacturer of platinum silicon bakeware and has sold over 12 million baking pans and molds worldwide as the leader in this industry.

Why Silicone bakeware from LeKue bakeware?

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Silicone bakeware is a tough and durable material made from the highest food grade silicone that will completely transform the way you cook and bake.

Silicone bakeware is a flexible non metal material that food will not stick to and food is easily removed without prying or scraping delicate baked goods – this is really a key component to proper and adequate baking that looks good as well as tastes good.

LeKue bakeware is FDA approved ensuring the highest quality of food grade silicone available that is safe for cooking and baking. Never again will your baking pans chip, rust and pose a health hazard to your baked goods, family and friends.

LeKue bakeware allows for even cooking, browning and baking without drying out food or overcooking. Another bonus is no burnt edges or bottoms of your baked goods.

LeKue silicone bakeware is designed to immediately stop cooking or baking when the pan is removed from the oven, unlike metal pans that retain the heat and continue to cook your food. This makes timing of baked goods imperative and many people end up over baking causing dried out cakes, cookies, muffins and breads.

LeKue bakeware allows for all cakes, muffins, breads, brownies and even the most delicate cookies such as Madeleine cookies to pop right out of the pan without damaging the edges. You'll have professional quality baked goods even as a novice baker – which also makes this a great gift for the newlywed with minimal baking experience.

LeKue Silicone bakeware is oven safe up to 500 degrees as well as dishwasher and freezer safe. You can even go directly from one of these areas to the next without any worries. Washing by hand is usually all that is needed since warm water and soap will remove the small amount of crumbs that are usually the only remnants from cooking or baking.

Silicon bakeware is an easy way to interest children with cooking and baking since it's easy to use, cools quickly and baked goods will be perfectly baked when following the correct time and temperature of recipes. (Always test a recipe 5-10 minutes before complete to determine correct cooking and baking times for your area).

LeKue bakeware comes in a wide variety of colors to please anyone and they help to save kitchen cabinet space since they are so flexible and one can fit into another very easily.

LeKue Bakeware – Silicone bakeware options

LeKue silicon molds

Almost any baking pan that you could possibly ever need is available from LeKue including but, not limited to:

Silicone cake pans, muffin and cupcake pans

Silicone loaf pans, popover and quiche pans

Silicone bundt pans, fluted, swirl and ring pans

Madeleine cookie pans, mini muffin and mini cupcake pans and even a springform pan with ceramic base for cheesecake

Square brownie pans, Christmas tree shape, heart shaped and teddy bear shaped pans as well as a baking pan with numbers that is great for birthday cakes

How to Use Silicon bakeware by LeKue

New LeKue bakeware should be washed with warm soapy water before first using.

Many items do not need additional oils or sprays since this is permanent non stick bakeware, although some people choose to add a very light coating of vegetable spray oil.

Since this is flexible bakeware, place muffin, cake or cookie pans on a cookie sheet to avoid spillage when filling batter into the pans. Gently place in the oven using two hands on the center rack for even baking.

The silicon bakeware will cool within a few minutes which reduce the chances of kitchen burns.

Many muffins, breads, cupcakes and mini baked goods can be removed from the LeKue baking pans with a simple twist of the flexible pan. Some cakes should sit for 5-10 minutes before removing from the pans and allowed to fully cool on a cooling rack.

Avoid cutting in the silicon bakeware by LeKue since it will cut as it is a rubbery type of material and this will ruin the pan and void the warranty.

Where to Buy Silicon Bakeware – LeKue Bakeware

Search for LeKue bakeware and avoid imitations online at amazon.com or the LeKue official website for a wide variety of baking and cooking pans that include free shipping. Try any of these superior baking pans for yourself or consider one or more as a gift that will be appreciated by anyone that loves to cook or bake. Why not bake your favorite recipe in one of these silicon pans and give the baked item and the pan as a gift that will be well received and appreciated for years and years to come.

These baking pans are well worth the slightly extra money you'll spend since you'll never need to replace them and they will last for years to come without scratching, burning, chipping or rusting and will always retain their brilliant color and shape.

Why not share this information with your family and friends that probably have the same baking and cooking problems as many of us did before using LeKue!

Good luck with your silicon bakeware from LeKue – I know you'll enjoy it very much.

photos: amazon.com