Le Creuset was founded in 1925 in Northern France. They are the world's no. 1 manufacturer of cast iron saucepans. They began making cast iron cookware in 1925. Le Creuset cast iron saucepans are renowned for their high quality and durability as well as their bright colors. Le Creuset cast iron cookware is enameled often in bright colors. They can be used on all cooking surfaces, e.g. electric, gas and induction cookers. Le Creuset cookware can be placed in the oven as well as the refrigerator.

Cast iron has been used to create cookware for centuries. Le Creuset cast iron saucepans have a host of attractive features. This includes their good looks and ability to keep heat as well as spreading heat evenly to the contents of the dish.

Two sand moulds are used in the production of each piece of Le Creuset cast ironware. One piece of the mold shapes the inside of the dish while the other the outside. The raw materials, including pig iron, are melted at an extremely high temperature in a large cauldron and then poured into the moulds. Once the shape has been cast the iron is then cooled. After which it is removed from the mould. The mould is broken way and the sand is recycle. This means that each piece of Le Creuset cookware is unique. Le Creuset cookware is coated twice with enamel. The first is an undercoat which clear. This first coat means that the second coat sticks better. It is this second coat which is the coloured enamel of the cast iron cookware.

The cast iron cookware that Le Creuset make has a host of selling points. The material they are made from ensures that heat is distributed evenly. The pieces fit together perfectly which keeps flavours locked in. All the castiron saucepans are highly durable pieces of kitchenware. As the saucepans are of the same thickness there are no weak spots for heat to escape. It also means there will be no hot spots where some food can burn while others remains cool.

Le Creuset cast iron saucepans are very hygenic. The enamel coating ensures that no smells or flavours from the food can permeate the coating. They pots and pans are easy to clean. Allowing the cookware to cool before washing may help prolong the life of the coating.

Kitchenware is often popular as a gift for parents. Le Creuset cast iron saucepans are not budget cookware but they make excellent gifts because they are high quality and they look great. You can buy individual pieces or a set in your, or possibly your mother's favorite color.

Great tasting food and great looks are two reasons to consider Le Creuset cast iron saucepans.

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