There is a great potential for lead acid batteries to cause serious harm to the environment. They are composed of very toxicsubstances which poison and pollute the earth when they are released. Since these batteries are used so commonly, mostly in cars and other vehicles, it is important that their handling be controlled.


The concern of many researchers and individuals about lead acid batteries and the environment has resulted in strict regulations worldwide. These batteries cannot just be thrown into the trash and dumped into a landfill. They have to be properly disposed of and are often recycled.


The good news is that the story of lead acid batteries and the environment is one of success. There have not been major environmental problems with their usage since it was first discovered how they should be appropriately handled. There is an incidence every now and then of someone not following procedure, but the law is very strict for such and they soon find out that it would have been much better for them to simply follow the law.


In view of all the consumer products on the market today lead acid batteries have been ranked as the most highly recycled. Lead acid battery producers proudly boast of how environmentally responsible their companies are. While the release of lead and the other highly noxious toxins into the environment would be disastrous, the wide spread use of lead acid batteries has proven to be very safe and highly effective overall.


Part of what has helped the story of lead acid batteries and the environment be so successful is the manner in which consumers are able to easily participate. When someone’s car battery dies and they need a replacement they usually take their car to an auto service center who switches the batteries out. The center then sends all of the batteries that it collects to an appropriate processing location. They are required to do so by law. If they failed to follow these regulations they could be shut down and the owners could face heavy fines. For those who choose to change their batteries for themselves they are often encouraged to bring in their old battery when purchasing a new one. Of course, this is not a requirement of purchasing a new battery, as there may be times when the consumer does not have an old battery. In some areas, consumers are given incentives for bringing in old lead acid batteries, such as a discount on their next battery purchase. In other areas consumers are motivated by the requirements of the law and participate in order to avoid punishment. 


However, many people are happy that they can help preserve the environment and are pleased simply to feel like a responsible person. Some people recognize just how harmful lead can be. They may have known someone that was adversely affected by lead in their environment and understand the importance of handling lead acid batteries properly. Today, there is not much concern about lead acid batteries and the environment. The situation is under control.


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