Leaded Glass Windows - Custom Home Window Designs

Windows are essential parts of any home, but they're not just crucial house items, they are also decorative possessions that can add a hint of elegance and beauty to your home. Leaded glass windows never go wrong if you're planning to turn that drab window into an instant eye-catcher.

Why leaded glass windows?

Leaded glass windows, preferably handcrafted and customized, combine rich traditions within a modern architectural environment which results in evident warmth of craftsmanship. These windows are perfect if you want an elegant but slightly medieval feel to your home and produce quite dramatic effects.

With patterns uniquely crafted, leaded glass windows come in different geometric shapes and elegant designs that will allow you to fully appreciate the beauty of your home. Looking out the window won't be such a drab experience with these windows surrounding your home with a touch of elegance and exquisiteness. May the windows be stained or beveled, leaded glass windows usually come in different types of glass not just for beauty, but also for providing privacy and capturing color and light to illuminate any room.

Glass options

Leaded glass windows come in a variety of glass, depending on the use for the room.

Simplicity is beauty. Clear glass is plain window glass: an excellent option where the view outside is significant. Either looking out on a garden of flowers or a refreshing ocean sight, clear glass is perfect for your scenic needs.

Waterglass, one of the most popular glass used for leaded glass windows, is definitely a good choice for allowing more light into a room due to its considerable transparency. Not only that, it also provides a little bit of privacy through some distortions in the glass.

For areas exposed to harsh sunlight, smoke waterglass is also good stuff as it reduces the visibility and the amount of light that passes through.

Need more privacy? Glue chip offers opacity and cloudiness with a frost-like texture and appearance perfect to keep inside things in and outside things out.

In the rare times that leaded glass windows break, tempered glass is extremely strong and often used for its safety characteristics. Not only is it virtually unbreakable, but when it does, it breaks into little pebble-like pieces like stones without sharp edges. For homes where many kids abound and playing ball is an everyday activity, tempered glass reduces the likelihood of injury in the event of window breakage in applications like side lights, stairwells, over bathroom tubs, and classic windows.

Faux leaded glass windows

Creating leaded glass windows is no longer such a hassle when you can just make them appear like there's actually lead. It's a simple and easy project that just about anyone can do. This technique can be used on a regular window in your home, or on a cabinet that is fronted with plain glass, creating that leaded effect without too much of a bother to your efforts and your budget. You will need a pencil, a ruler, a poster board cut to the size of the chosen window, tape, self adhesive lead strips, scissors, and a utility knife.

First, cut your poster board to fit the dimensions of the glass you will be working on. Draw your desired design on it with the pencil and the ruler. Preferably, use straight lines in your design so that it will be easier to use the lead strips. Once happy with the design, tape the board at the back of the window with the design facing the outside and the area you will be working on.

Next, working from top to bottom, cut off more of the lead strip than you will need for a single line. A backing paper will be present at the back of the strip that you will remove. Do this while you are pressing the lead strip onto the first like at the top of the design. Firmly press the strips so they adhere well to the glass. Repeat this process to all the lines and lastly cut off excess strips at the edges of the glass.

Buying leaded glass windows

There are many manufacturers out there, but only some exquisitely offer exceptional leaded glass windows that will blow your mind, a perfect example being Masterpiece Leaded Windows. Price ranges are usually from $400 up to $600, depending on the type, size, and design of your leaded glass window. Make sure the company you contract with is efficient and reliable. Check whether they have good or bad reviews so you can be truly satisfied with your windows once they arrive.

Leaded glass windows are very innovative additions to any home. With these, transform your house into a wonderful land that take people back in time while still retaining that modern feel. The colors and light reflected by these windows will instantly take your breath away.