As you learn to improve and reveal your leadership characteristics you will also help others notice your capabilities.

I'm sure you have noticed in experiences where others have led you; you appreciated leaders who didn't just order you around.

Good leaders know how to persuade others to actions
. They don't just listen to you because they have to, but because the want to.

Developing your leadership characteristics will help you determine what kind of abilities you have. In some ways, you will learn to have to adjust to how this will affect your relationships.

Developing leadership traits will also make you a magnet toward those who are seeking people to lead. This will help you attain great opportunities.

Some of the most important leadership characteristics include:

* Consistency – how you lead off the job is an indication of what you will be like on the job

* Your ability to be innovative, creative, or visionary

* Excitement for new opportunities or challenges

* Ability to use constructive criticism constructively

* Ability to quickly decide which ideas would work and which ones wouldn't

* Accountability – good leaders not only take responsibility for the successes but also the failures

* Dedication – see a problem all the way through it

* Skill of getting things accomplished

* Mental stability and toughness

* Respect

* Effective communication – not only speech, but listening too

* Know how to negotiate

When you show others that you can do all, or a lot of these things, people will want to work by your side. You will gain the respect of those who work with you, but also authority figures. Your chances of career advancement will certainly increase as you step up to the plate on your own to lead.

Developing leadership characteristics takes time and a lot effort. It is a good idea to evaluate yourself on where you stand on these characteristics to start with. Make small goals as you strive to improve yourself. It is a great idea to create means for applying these skills, even if it is on small levels to start out with.

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