One of the most nerve-wracking jobs to have in any corporation is to be in charge of leadership conferences. It is a huge responsibility.

From your business's viewpoint, it is essential that your conferences are successful. But it is also important that your participants feel comfortable, enjoy themselves, and feel the even is worth their time.

If you want to hold successful leadership conferences, here are some great tips:

* Plan ahead, and early. It is essential that you set dates and reserve a location for your event at least a year in advance. It is also a good idea if you have a lot of people traveling from out of town to have blocks of hotel rooms reserved. By planning ahead, you give your participants sufficient time to make travel plans.

* Reward those who sign up early. You may want to consider offering a discount to the registration fee, or a gift. If you get most of your participants to pre-register, you will have a better idea of how many people to expect at your conference.

* Create a theme. A theme will make your leadership conference more interesting and creative. You can start promoting your theme as soon as registration. Another great idea is to mention the theme again on the confirmation letters that you send out.

* Plan various activities. Most of us learn differently. Make sure that you use different means to convey your messages. Some people learn by doing things, while others learn best by listening or viewing.

You may want to consider lecture session, group activities, and panel discussions. You can also set up workshops. Make sure you also give sufficient time for your participants to visit the different vendors that are coming.

* Pass out schedules early. By doing this you will be able to encourage more participation. A great idea is to mail out the activity schedules a few weeks before you hold the conference.

This will give your participants enough time to read through the schedule so they can choose what activities, workshops, etc. that they want to attend.

* Double check technical equipment. It is a great idea to do a run through before the event. That way you know that all the microphones, computers, and other devices are functioning properly. Make sure you have some technical support people around to help in case any problems arise.

* Get your participants motivated. Start your leadership conferences with something exciting or creative. The final session should also help your participants feel like the conference was worth heir time.

* Follow up. Send thank you letters to your participants. This is a great opportunity to encourage them to come to the next conference you hold. You can also ask for feedback.

* Have a back-up plan. It is always best to prepare for the worst by having a plan B. There are some things that you can't control, such as weather, problems at your reserved site, or sickness.

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