You may be wondering why leadership ethics are so important to be an effective leader. The American Management Association administered a survey asking over 400 executives what characteristics made an effective leader. Ethical behavior was ranked at 56%.

Why did so many participants say this was the most important leadership characteristic? Well, if you think about it, if you want an organization to succeed, honesty (among other traits that follow ethics) is essential.

Corporations who want success need to make leadership ethics the backbone behind planning and thinking. Member of an organization should be encouraged to develop ethical behavior. This would include developing a set of core values and guiding principles to use with each other as colleagues, but also with clients.

Everyday you could locate some kind of story about unethical behavior if you wanted to. In most workplaces, it is common to witness unethical behavior. This intentional behavior is unacceptable and usually starts because a person is in a destructive mind set.

On the other hand, when leadership ethics are applied, colleagues learn how to act in a way that promotes the well-being of others. Instead of working in a state of fear, anger, or jealousy, colleagues learn to work with very opposite emotions of joy, love, and generosity.

Organizations need to examine themselves concerning ethics. They should determine if they are ethically vulnerable on all levels of employment. They should also ask themselves if their organization is guided by values and principles.

It is essential for leaders to not only tell others how to behave. They too must act in accordance with the principles and values that have been established. There is no exception for anyone. If leaders are also required to behave appropriately, there will be fewer scandals in the workplace.

Understanding leadership ethics is very important. Knowing what is right and wrong behavior can be critical in making or breaking an organization. When there is confidence and commitment in an organization because of its values and principles, it is likely that the organization will thrive.

When an organization lacks this essential trait, especially in leadership, the company will soon crumble.

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