Once you have recruited the members that will be on your team and have established a goal, there are some essential things to think about. After you have developed a plan and a timeline to achieve your goal, you need to focus on HOW you will get all of those individuals working together.

In any given team, there are a variety of personalities and skills. Each person usually has their own agenda for being on a specific team. Sometimes getting each person to work together can be a big challenge. One of the best ways to create togetherness and team unity is through leadership exercises.

Successful teams know how to cooperate and focus toward the team's goal. Each individual knows the impact that they have on the team. The work of each individual will affect the work of everyone else.

Successful teams respect the other team members and appreciate what they bring to the table. They recognize how each person contributes to the team's goals.

Instead of experimental team building that didn't transfer any of the learning back into the workplace, there are other types of team building exercises that can be executed.

If you want to have productive leadership exercise, you should consider some of the following suggestions:

* Keep the exercises simple and quick.

* Your exercises don't have to be costly. Look for items that you already have around the office or kitchen.

* Make sure that your team is dressed appropriately. It's best to keep exercises geared for the wearing of regular workplace clothing.

* Create smaller groups for your exercises. This will help your participants break down any barriers. This will also help create partnerships.

* Keep instructions simply and easy to understand.

* Use activities where participants have to define their roles: leader, facilitator, problem-solver, communicator, etc.

* Fun and engaging.

* Use a problem that is current, but needs creativity and collaboration for problem-solving.

* If you want to make the exercise harder, include instructions that don't allow speaking.

* Make sure to reflect on the leadership exercises. It is important to take into account the decisions that were made, how the people interacted, and how things should be different next time.

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