If you are looking for leadership games, you have come to right spot. Games that promote leadership and team building can be great exercises to help your team break the ice and start a task with some motivation. Here are a few to help you:

1. Scrambled Jigsaw – You will want to get a few children's 100-piece puzzle. The larger the pieces the better.

Before your team shows up, you will want to take out 5 or so pieces from each puzzle. You will want to strategically place the 5+ pieces on a different table that has an entirely different puzzle.

You will want to do this for each team and puzzle that you have. Once the teams understand that another table has their missing pieces, they need to figure out in the quickest amount of time how to obtain the other pieces.

They will essentially be forced to negotiate with other teams. This helps them learn how to communicate and cooperate better.

2. Gnome Dome – For this activity, you will want to divide your team into smaller groups, preferably into twos. Each group should receive 20 gumdrops and 12 toothpicks.

You will want to instruct each group to build a dome out of the gumdrops. This leadership game helps your team learn how to solve problems, think creatively, and cooperate.

3. Hang Ups – This is probably one of the most fun leadership games. You will want to give each team member a wire coat hanger.

Each individual has the choice to either work on their own this time or work together. With a time limit of anywhere between 5-15 minutes (you can set the standard) each individual will need to create something useful.

After the activity, each member needs to describe what was made. This activity will quickly help you see which members are leaders, social, or shy.

4. All Aboard- Depending on how many people you have, you will want to place a 1'x1' or 3'x3' square of cardboard on the floor. Or you could mark the area off with tape.

Each team member will need a number. As you draw each member's number, they have to go stand in the square. As the amount of people is called to stand in the square, it will become more and more difficult to find standing space.

Everyone will need work together and creatively to figure out how everyone will get aboard. This game helps team members practice cooperation, problem-solving, and leadership.

Leadership games can be great ways of helping your team work together and build the necessary leadership skills that they need.

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