Leadership strategy games have come a long way. The typical leadership and team building games that were commonly played at corporate events have been largely replaced by leadership scenarios that offer clearer insight into how different people lead and the strategies necessary to succeed and become profitable. Many of these goals can be accomplished with video games and massive online multiplayer games.

Massive Online Multiplayer

One of the best ways to learn strategy and leadership through game play is with massively multiplayer online games (commonly known as MMOs). Many of these games offer places for players to unify into groups or guilds who must attack other guilds or players. Many businesses have discovered the link between leadership styles and these games. The group Seriosity did a study on the different kinds of leaderships styles that gamers have and their potential in the cooperate environment. World of Warcraft is probably the most well-know strategy MMO game. In this game strategy is required when completing multiplayer missions and conducting raids. A free MMO strategy game, Exorace, requires players to strategize against other players and lead attacks on other planets and ships. Eve online is a paid game that is completely player run. Strategy and leadership are important elements as play progresses.

Video Games

Other video games also contain leadership strategy elements. Any strategy video game such as Sim City, Railroad Tycoon, Civilization and other simulation games force players to make leadership decisions on a much larger scale than they would in a typical environment. It is easy for employers to tell how a particular employee would handle leadership responsibilities by watching how they handle the game. Other video games focus more on war strategies and development such as the classic game Starcraft or Command and Conquer. These games can be played single player or multi-player with different results for leadership style and strategy focuses.

Leadership Software

Some companies have developed leadership games and software to help analyze data that is hard to capture and analyze in other formats and games. One of the most known and largest of these games is School Leadership games. In this software game players are given responsibilities similar to those they would face in the real corporate world. SimSchool and School Tycoon offer players the ability to learn about resource management and how different leadership styles and strategies can affect how a school or other corporate environment is operated. Other companies have come up with their own leadership games for the responsibilities found in their corporations.

Traditional Leadership Games

If playing video games is not possible in your environment or if you would rather learn from more traditional leadership games there are options for that as well. Many companies specialize in different leadership games and simulations that are used for team building and leadership testing. Many of these games can be found and purchased online.