If you were to ask a handful of people what they thought leadership was defined as, you would probably get several different responses.

There isn't one right definition of leadership. There are various leadership theories out there, and when you limit leadership to one definition, you also limit the value of true leadership.

Leadership can be something very difficult to describe or explain. It is abstract. There isn't a certain shape that it takes, or there isn't one specific direction.

Depending on the leadership theory that you are talking about, one person could be considered successful and the other a failure. Leadership theories are founded on a person's opinion.

There isn't any scientific test or measurement than determine if a person is a leader or not. Leadership theories are considered a soft science because you can't create any experimental date to prove leadership.

Some theories are based upon the idea that a leader is born that way. Leadership is in their genes. Then there are other theories that say that leaders are made.

This debate has continued to develop through the years. Regardless of the theory, any person who wants to be a leader should take into account both of these theories.

No matter is a leader is considered to be a born or made leader, a true leader needs to have the passion and desire to lead. True leaders understand the fact that they need to continually learn and develop the skills that will make them successful.

True leaders also understand the importance of leadership being a process instead of a position. There are various characteristics and qualities that a good leader needs to have.

Some of them include knowing how to deal with mistakes, knowing how to deal with people, respectful and service-oriented toward subordinates, and hard-working. Subordinates usually like their leaders to show them how to do things, not just tell them.

Leaders are normally expected to lead by their example. Followers also appreciate honesty.

Regardless of the leadership theories, most followers are leaders. The only thing that differentiates them from current leaders is the fact that they haven't put their abilities to lead in practice.

Leadership doesn't necessarily equate with power. Leadership should be looked at more as an influence to cause change.

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