Promote Happiness in your Life

Every human being has a unique set of fingerprints. Each and every one of us possesses an extraordinary amount of brain cells for the sole purpose of thinking and acting rationally. Some of us use the myriad cells for the greater good and, unfortunately, many use their biological mental prowess to aid in the downfall of humankind.  

So how do you promote happiness in your life? It starts with self-respect. Without it, you get no respect from others. Start with respecting yourself; mind, body, and soul and mutual respect will follow. Any and every form of self-destructive behavior is a direct and concise form of self-loathing.

Surround yourself with positive people. Positive human beings are uplifting, joyous, and humorous. These are people who are fun to be around and more often than not are wise beyond their years. Stay away and steer clear of negativity. Negative people give off negative energy. This depressing energy can be contagious if you stick around too long. It’s better to be positive alone, than to be surrounded by negative, energy-draining individuals.

Immerse yourself in beauty and blissfulness. Promote and affirm joy. Too many people are indirectly promoting hate, negativity in various forms, and just plain absurdity. We highlight religious and political differences at every turn, which creates division. The adage, “United we stand, divided we fall,” has never been more true than what it is today. We reside in an atmosphere of animosity and greed and there’s only one way to circumvent it. Combat the melancholic aura that surrounds us with love. It’s the only way. Love is stronger than hate because it is our true nature. Hate only breeds more hate. Wars create more wars. All the major countries have nuclear capabilities so who will back down? United States? No. China? No. Japan? No.

You have a voice and that voice must emanate from the depths of your soul. Believe that one person can make a difference and that one individual is you. There’s no such thought as “falling short,” because the karma you create is divine, beautiful, and will pay dividends beyond your imagination.