League of Legends Basics: Zoning

Zoning and why it is essential.

Zoning is one of the most important aspects in League of Legends. It is imperative for you in lane both for kills and farming. It is also important to use the zone your champion gives off to control your enemies positions and further make sure they fear you and make them lose farm. This is all very important because if you use wards you can easily zone out your opponent, denying them farm and experience, making them almost worthless mid and lategame due to lack of items.

Example of lane zoning(132020)

Succesful zoning requires your enemies to be afraid of entering your zone and to make sure they don't get anywhere close to deny them farm and experience. Zoning is a valuable skill to winning games.

Zoning is mostly just playing mind games with your opponent, and making them think twice before doing anything rash. If they think you know something they don't, then they'll be too scared to trade damage or get too close to farm. 

So just to recap what we've learned I will write down the basic tips of zoning:

  1. Do not overextend and enter your opponents zone without having any help, having enough vision to prevent being ganked, or knowing that you can trade more damage than him.
  2. If your opponent enters your zone make sure to have vision before trying to trade damage. If your opponent remains in your zone for too long ask for a gank to capitalize on their overextending.
  3. Brushes are great for getting rid of aggro and regaining zone control.
  4. Towers, minions, and other enemy pets also have zones, so do not enter their range unless you know you will win a trade.
  5. When other lane champions are missing make sure you do not overextend because you may be ganked if you're in your opponents zone.

Thank you for reading my guide and I hope you now understanding zoning in general a bit more.


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