The Role -

Contray to popular belief Supports are a nessacry role on any serious League of Legends team, and in many cases can make or break a team. A Support is usually in the same lane as the Ranged AD (Attack Damage), usually Bot lane. As a Support you have many duties.

1. Warding

2. Oracles

3. Supporting!

That's just to name a few, so let's dive into it shall we?

The Goal -

1. Warding - I have already covered this in my previous article series ( ) so i will go over this breiftly. As almost every support I put 1 point in Wealth so I can get; 1 Faerie Charm, 2 Sight Wards, 1 Vision Ward, 1 Pot (Depends on what League of Legends Champion I am playing). These wards can be used for a few things, protecting jungle from level 1 fights, or you can save them and use them so you can start in lane longer and avoid getting ganked.

Early game everyone should be supplying their own wards generally. When it gets later in the game though, as a Support you should be the main person warding so your teammates can get items so they don't fall behind their lane counterparts.

2. Oracles -Buying Oracles is kinda grouped with wards, but slightly different. You can use Vision Wards, or Oracles to destroy enemy Wards or see stealth Champions. Usually once you have destroyed your lane's first tower and start roaming you will want to get an Oracles if no one else has. Make sure you look everywhere and enter bushes so you don't pass any up, and make sure you scan Dragon, Baron, your team's Red/Blue.

3. Supporting - This might be the most obvious, but so many people do it wrong, or just don't do it at all. Leageue of Legends is a TEAM game, and sometimes you just gotta take one for the team. Depending on what champion you play you will need to do different things; heal, harass, and ever die for the team. So many times i have charged in and started a fight. Sure i die, but so does their whole team 1 for 5 anyone? YES PLEASE. This is a very broad role, and i will cover it more in my advanced League of Legends Support guide.

Well that is it for my League of Legends Basic Support Guide, i will be realeasing a more advanced guide so you can further increase your skills at the most important role there is!