There are as many reasons why individuals want big muscles as there are bodybuilders. Are you small in stature and want to look stronger, do you like the way a famous person's physique looks and want to resemble him or her, or do you want to feel stronger and more powerful? Body building can accomplish all of this and more, but before you start the process of developing lean muscles you need to know why. A goal can only be accomplished if you know what it is. Once you know your goal use these three keys as the foundation for the development of lean muscles.

What your body needs to develop lean muscles -

1. Protein - More protein is required if you are expecting a quicker outcome. Your body muscles are only made up of proteins. So, if you are planning to exercise a lot, that means there is a large requirement of protein. The development of lean muscles will not progress if you are not consuming enough of protein.

When you want to maintain your weight eat one gram of protein for every pound you weight. When you plan on building your lean muscles you need to eat enough protein to maintain your current weight and consume enough protein to build your muscles up. More protein is the only thing that makes a massive difference.

2. Carbohydrates - Simple sugar that comes from sweets and rice will not help your bodybuilding efforts. You should consume complex carbohydrates including sweet potatoes and brown rice. These types of carbohydrates will provide you more energy for your workouts.

3. Exercise with weight -The most important step once you are assured of your diet plan. Biology shows that your body will work as much as you want it to and if you stretch your muscles with heavy machine exercises, it will retaliate and build muscles.

The scope does not just end here. You can go beyond it too. But initially, these three building blocks can be the axiom of your lean muscle development schedule. Be aware of these three keys to developing lean muscles since they will help create a foundation for your bodybuilding regime.