Leaning Bookshelves

There are many designs for bookshelves that are on the market today that can complement almost any room imaginable. If you are like me, then finding a bookcase that is able to hold a large amount of items, while not taking up too much space is the best option. Leaning bookshelves are the perfect solution for anybody that is looking for efficiency as well as aesthetic value. These leaning bookcases are stylish, and can make even the smallest of rooms feel more open and spacious. For somebody like me who lives in a very small apartment, this is the greatest appeal of these shelves. From books to your favorite knick-knacks to CDs and DVDs, these elegant shelves will look good holding almost anything.

Leaning shelves are a great way to keep your things organized, while being space efficient because they are built with a very small amount of materials when compared to traditional bookcases. For many who prefer to take a minimalist approach, these shelves provide plenty of room to store and showcase your books or other belongings.

The nice thing about these bookcases is that if one leaning bookshelf isn't enough for you, then you can place multiple shelves next to each other to satisfy all of your storage needs. There are also desk versions of these shelves that you can purchase to create a space saving desk with shelving. This is especially helpful for young people and college kids who may not be able to afford a larger living space. They are also very light in weight, so moving them is not difficult.

Construction, Materials and Colors

Leaning bookcases are made up of two side rails that support three to five shelves. The lengths of the shelves grow smaller as they ascend, and they rest against the wall to provide additional support. Many of the cases have brackets that can be used to anchor them to the wall, so safety should not be an issue. Don't let the simple design fool you into thinking that the construction of these bookshelves is cheap. By design the larger shelves are placed at the bottom, encouraging you to place your larger items at the bottom. This helps to secure the case.

As far as assembly is concerned, these leaning bookshelves can be put together fairly quickly, even if you are not familiar with assembling things. The instructions are simple, and you don't have to be a carpenter to get your shelf up and holding things. For most, the average assembly time is less than 30 minutes. Once they are put together, you can place them wherever you like, as long as they are on a level floor. In most cases the bookcases can stand alone. If, however, you have small children, then it may be a good idea to use brackets to attach the bookcase to a wall, especially if your child likes to climb.

Leaning bookshelves come in a variety of colors that can help you match the colors of your room. These bookcases come in black, dark brown, light brown, white, and even chrome. So, whether you like the warm feeling that wood furniture gives a room, or you prefer the more modern look that metal provides, you should be able to find what you are looking for. Personally, I've always enjoyed the look of wood furniture, and the fact that these bookcases come in a variety of colors is very nice.

Pricing Leaning Bookshelves

Pricing leaning bookshelves is a fairly easy task. Websites such as Amazon offer many brands and styles of bookshelves in all price ranges. You can find these shelves starting at around $35, and going well above $100. Personally, I prefer to purchase something in the mid-price range or higher. If you do decide to buy a leaning bookshelf on the lower end of the spectrum, then make sure that you read the reviews first. Quality can vary quite a bit, and you want to make sure that you get the highest quality bookcase that you can.


If you are low on space, and need some storage space, then leaning bookshelves are the perfect solution. With many styles and colors, you should be able to find a bookcase that complements your living space perfectly.