Play should be fun, but it is also a great opportunity to learn new skills. The much loved LeapFrog character; Scout, makes sure kids have a great time while they develop their reading, writing, maths, music and even basic computing skills. The hottest new toy for toddlers this year is the LeapFrog Text and Learn. Now the tots in your life get their very own PDA!

Developed in a bid to create the new Baby Blackberry, the Leap Frog Text and Learn is based on a basic PDA design. A gadget we all know kids just love to play with, but one we all wish they wouldn't! The Text & Learn gives toddlers their very own PDA so you can reclaim yours from those sticky fingers.

This LeapFrog toy is all about using kids desire to emulate the grown ups in their life and getting them learning as they do so. The onscreen character Scout will help your child learn about browsing and texting but most importantly get them learning about letters, phonics and spelling. All, with fun, cute animations and music to keep your children entertained while they learn.

Built in a curvy, robust design with children's hands in mind this is a fun, educational and economical toy. The LeapFrog Text and Learn comes in at around $20 which makes a welcome change for parents used to the high prices associated with learning toys.

Kids seem to love the appearance since the product makes them feel like they have their very own grown up gadgets. Brightly colored though it may be, it is still a serious product. With a full QWERTY keyboard, children gain a confidence in navigating the alphabet on a keyboard, something which will prove invaluable in the future.

Teaching our children how to navigate and follow onscreen directions is a really useful too, but one done more safely in the 'pretend' environment of the Text & Learn toy. Phonics and alphabet skills are the primary focus of this fun toy which will keep toddlers from 2 to 5 entertained as they absorb new skills.

Parents may find the LeapFrog site useful too. Once purchased if you register your child's Text and Learn you have access to a wide range of educational tools via their online Learning Path. Ideas to promote your child's development and educational growth both before and after they start school itself.