Leapfrog scout a plush toy used for sleeping review.

Leapfrog Scout or the Leapfrog Little Scout is a sleeping plush toy that the company Leapfrog, a popular makers of baby toys has created. The Leapfrog Twinkle Twinkle Little Scout has been described as a sleeping plush toy that can be both used as a toy for sleeping and an educational toy for kids. The toy can do those functions by making the Leapfrog scout a musical toy that plays educational songs for kids or lullabies.

The Leapfrog Scout has an appearance of a small dog or a puppy that is sleeping on his side and using a pillow that looks like a small half-moon. This new Leapfrog baby toy have different variations of green as its color while the other version with the same exact function and appearance of this toy is using the color violet and its  variations and having the name Leapfrog violet. This toys for babies is an educational toy because of the educational songs included in it but was first described as a toy that can help them sleep by including some sleeping songs for children and lullabies that will help your child to sleep.

The Good

What’s good with the leapfrog scout

The leapfrog scout can be carried around by toddlers because of its small size. An appearance of a cute dog plush toy will be appealing to most toddlers or kids. The Leapfrog Scout is also the only the sleeping plush toy that have educational songs and sleeping songs included it. The educational songs can help your toddler learn how to count and learn where some body parts are. The sleeping songs are mostly lullabies or environment sounds that can help your children fall to sleep. The sleeping songs can be configured to play for 10 minutes or 20 minutes depending on how long  your child would need the lullabies. The leapfrog scout is one of the only toys for 1 years old that have a long playing time and one that will automatically turn off by itself. Most musical toys for kids will only play a song for just a few seconds just to keep them entertained for a while or having no automatic off option which would be a waste of battery power. The Leap Frog Scout is one of the best recommended toys for sleeping that you can buy for your kids.

The Bad

What’s bad with the leapfrog scout

Even with some great features for a sleeping toy to have, it also have some few negative points or drawbacks. The added blanket with the Leapfrog Scout will be lost easily because it does not have any buttons and the only thing you can do with the blanket is to jam it in a small space beneath the plush dog toys neck. Even if the toy is small, it is still heavier than most toys for babies or toddlers because of the elaborate electronics inside. The whole toy is a little bit bulky and hard because of the plastic used for the toy’s body even if it was intended as a plush toy that kids will carry around.

The Why

Conclusions on the leapfrog scout

The Leapfrog Scout is a good buy if you are looking for a sleeping toy that will help you let your children fall asleep. The learning part of this toy maybe a little bit lacking but this toy was first described as a toy for sleeping and just added those learning songs just to include them. While it maybe a little bit hard to cuddle or hug this plushies, it is still good to buy the leapfrog scout.