Designed for children from the ages of the six to nine, Leapster Explorer builds on the skills your children have already learned in school. It provides your children with an exciting way to enhance these skills and learn something new each time the game is played.

When playing Leapster Explorer, children will learn games with their favorite characters such as Penguins of Madagascar and Dora the Explorer. Playing the games teaches skills such as science, music, and mathematics, along with much more. The game will adjust to the individual pace of the child, which helps to makes each learning experience unique. It is important for young children to be able to learn at their own pace and not be rushed, and Leapster Explorer provides this experience.

Kids can play Leapster Explorer safely online using a program called Leapworld. The games you can play in Leapworld are fun to play, but also educational. Parents can also track your child's progress online. Using the online tracking parents can observe how much of each activity their children plays and how their skills are progressing over time.

Leapster Explorer can also be transformed into a camera that can store up to one thousand pictures. The camera encourages self expression and creativity in the child. It can also be used to record video. Children love to capture their own favorite things on video, and it's a joy for parents to be able to see these things as their child does.

The base mode hand held accessory requires four AA batteries. Games are purchased separately. It is also a good idea to purchase the protective case which is also available, since younger children have a tendency to drop things. The case will prevent damage when the unit is dropped or stepped on.

Leapster Explorer promises to be a toy that kids will love. The best thing about it is that children will learn many things without feeling like they are doing extra work. They just enjoy it as a fun toy that is comparable to other hand held game devices. Kids will also love going online to explore Leapword, and downloading all of the great Leapworld applications.

In addition to games, there are also has many downloadable stories that will help children with their reading skills. Reading practice is extremely important for young children and more reading practice they do, the more successful they will be in school With its high resolution bright display, children will have no problem practicing their reading.

All in all, Leapster Explorer promises to be a great educational toy for your children this holiday season!