Looking to charter a Learjet? An increasing trend recently is for these small, private planes to be hired out for a few hours in order to whisk businessmen from one destination to another in a jiffy. If you need a private charted plane for a short trip to a nearby city or even a farther away destination, then chartering a plane is ideal when commercial airline schedules don't match your busy schedule.

A private jet allows you to pick and choose your destinations at times which suit you, enabling you to avoid the long queues and waiting around, and travel in the most luxurious of circumstances. Featuring a top speed of over 800 kph, a private chartered Learjet offers luxuries that you wouldn't get in a normal passenger airline. There is an in-flight phone so that you can always make important calls throughout the flight to your associates, or to your family. Kick back and relax while watching the in-flight portable DVD and CD systems on offer, or let your mind drift as you help yourself to a drink from the in-cabin refreshment center. There will be no waiting in line for the toilet on one of these flights!

12345Learjet charter is typically charged per hour, with different models of plane varying in cost depending on a number of factors. Smaller models such as the Learjet 31 will cost a lot less to rent out than bigger models like the Learjet 60, so size is obviously a determining factor when it comes to chartering a plane. Level of comfort is also a major factor when it comes to price – you will have to pay top dollar the more luxurious the plane is, so expect to pay a lot more for XR-based models. For these particular types of Learjet, expect to pay at least $1000-$5000 more per hour for the upgraded cabin. (XR's also offer a faster cruise speed, getting you to your destination faster).

So, if you want to go ahead and hire one of these planes, what steps should be taken? The easiest option would be to contact your local airport that you wish to travel from. The reception there should be able to advise you which of the many charter companies have Learjets in their fleet.

An alternative option to this is to search the internet using Google or your favorite search engine for airline charter companies. Many of these hiring companies have online booking services, much like commercial flight websites. This can be less hassle than calling around but remember to check the small print for the details about what is chargeable. There are frequently additional costs associated with hiring a private jet such as the time the cabin crew spends waiting for the plane to take off – this is regarded as "waiting time". As always, spend just that little bit of extra time getting to know what you are buying before making a decision.

With respect to the cabin crew, it is a good idea to find out how exactly how many crew members will be on your flight since each one accrues an additional cost. Since a Learjet is very small in any case, only holding 5-8 passengers on average, two crew members (including pilots) is normal. More luxurious options may include one extra member of cabin staff to serve drinks but this will cost extra so check to be sure to avoid unwanted surprises!

6789Once final thought about hiring a Learjet – be sure to get as many quotes as possible from as many private plane hire companies as you humanly can. Prices in the aviation industry vary wildly from one company to the next, and only when you are armed with a large selection of quotes will you be able to see this for yourself and make an informed option. Even if you can't find a chartered Learjet that will leave from your airport, it will be worthwhile for you to find a cheap quote from a company that service a neighboring departure point – you can use this quote to negotiate with the local companies to drive the price down. Private jet companies will discount heavily due to heavy competition, especially in these difficult times. Once you have travelled in a luxury Learjet charter once, you may never want to go back!