Monetizing Websites with Google Adsense

Adsense is Google's advertising application for website owners and content providers. It is an easy and accessible way for web publishers to monetize their sites without investing in advertising salespeople and forming relationships with advertisers.

Google supplies ads for designated areas on websites and pays the owner of the site a predetermined "price per click" (PPC)- i.e., for each visitor to the site that clicks an ad, the owner of the site receives a small payment, usually ranging from a few cents to a couple of dollars, based on the demand for the keyword associated with the ad.

Earn Money with Ads That Are Relevant to Your Site's Content

The content of Adsense ads is personalized for the user, based on the content of the site where the ads appear as well as the user's location and other factors. Because the ads are relevant to your site's content, users are more likely to be interested in the ad and to click on it, earning you revenue. Site owners can block certain ads or types of ads if they consider them offensive or inconsistent with their message.
Because Adsense uses tracking cookies, websites that install Adsense must also use a privacy policy informing vistors that cookies may be used.

Other Ways to Monetize Web Content with Google Adsense

Adsense ads are also available for RSS feeds, mobile sites, "parked" or undeveloped domains and Adsense for search, in which the webmaster places a Google search box on their site and recieves a percentage of any advertsising clicks that result. Adsense is also expanding into videos and even games.

Optimizing Your Adsense Ads

  • According to Google, wider ads (like banners) perform better.
  • At least one or two ads should be placed "above the fold"= where users can see them without having to scroll down.
  • Ads should be placed within text or next to navigational areas in the sidebar.
  • Ads should use colors that complement or blend into the colors of your content.
  • Ads on the left side of the page perform better.

What if You Don't Own a Website?

Many websites seek writers to create quality content for their visitors. These sites usually pay writers with a percentage of Adsense revenue. Writing for sites like this is the easiest way to start making money with Google Adsense, because the writer does not have to pay web hosting fees or be familiar with web design. All you need to get started is an Adsense Publisher ID. These sites include:


Hubpages shares revenues with writers in a 60/40 % split. About 60% of your Adsense clicks will use your code, and you will receive that money. 40% of clicks use Hubpages' code.


InfoBarrel uses a variable split of ad impressions, starting at about 75%. It is possible to earn additional percentages of the ad clicks by participating in themed writing assignments and contests.

How to Optimize Your Adsense Earnings

  • Create a lot of high-quality, relevant content for your site. This will affect how relevant your adsense ads are.
  • Promote your site to generate as much traffic as possible. Your Adsense earnings depend on visitors clicking those ads. This means you need visitors!
  • Do keyword research and use keywords with a high cost per click. Use the free Google Keyword Tool to find related keywords to your topic that people are searching for.

Avoid Click Fraud!

The Adsense Terms of Service prohibit artificially inflating the number of clicks your ads receive. Violators may be banned from using Adsense.

  • Don't use phrases like "Please click my Adsense ads" or otherwise ask your visitors to do so
  • Don't click your own ads!