If you decide that you want to give computer programming a chance, then you can of course begin to look into several different of the programming languages before you make the choice of your first programming language. On your shortlist of the different programming languages you will most likely find the C programming language. And if you ask experienced programmers which programming language you should begin with then many will give you this advice: Learn C Programming!

The Original C Programming Language - Developed in 1972 by Dennis Ritchie, C has been one of the most popular programming languages. And C is still used world widely by many programmers, even though the original C programming language has been developed into several newer variations of C.

C, C++ and C# - If you haven't heard of the C programming language, but heard of C++ or C# (C sharp) and wondered what is the difference, or simply felt as an ignorant because you were unable to tell how these three notions were related, then here follows a short history of C and it's relatives: And yes, C, C++ (C plus plus) and C# are very much related.

C is the original parent language, the one that was developed by Dennis Ritchie years ago in the 70s. C++ was then developed and C++ was considered for a long period as an extension of C. Later on people learned to program directly in C++. Although it holds most of the original C language concepts, then C++ brought several important innovations to the programming world.

Object Oriented Programming - Much later, in 2001 C# was officially released by Microsoft. It is a OOP (Object Oriented Programming) language and it has been designed to be easier to understand than the previous versions, and therefore C# was accepted by many programmers because of it's ease of use.

Standalone Programming Languages - You can learn C++ and C# without any previous knowledge of C, but even so it might be wise that the very first step of your programming career is to Learn C Programming, because that will give you a basic understanding of C's main concepts. So Learn C Programming as a stepping stone to the other variations of C, and at the same time build a solid IT foundation.

Where can you learn C programming? - There are many different courses where you can learn computer programming - but ideally you learn tp program in front of a computer, coding day and night! There are thousands of C reference books out there on the market, but they won't bring impressive results unless you spend an important amount of time in front of the keyboard writing code and trying to understand others' code lines and applications. To learn C programming simply by studying books is comparable to learn about gardening without practicing it at all in a real garden.

Golden advice - Instead of spending time and a lot of money on many printed books about C, then you should only buy one or two good reference books. Invest your resources in online training courses and maybe some video tutorials. Subscribe to online IT blogs and online courses.

Programmers' Communities - Also become part of software developing communities. Programmers are friendly people, and they are open to help out anyone who show true interest for the computer programming world. So, participate active in IT forum debates.

Learn C programming language as a starter, and move on to a profitable career in the computer industry.