Have you ever thought about the risks involved when you plan your next camping trip?Trips into outback areas bring different dangers to those around the normal weekend camping trip to the river or holiday camping areas.


Before you go anywhere, make sure you notify a responsible person where you are going and when you will be back.That is a major priority or no one will know you are missing if you do not come home.

Planning for survival can mean the difference between life and death for you and your family members.


What if you wandered off from the rest of your friends and suddenly found yourself alone. What should you do?



Lost in the bush



I know you didn't intend to wander off an your own so what will you do? In an ideal situation you would have a survival kit with you. Instead all you have is a mobile phone with no signal a bottle of water and a health bar in your pocket.



Your urgent priorities



1-Shelter – This is your main priority especially if it is in the middle of summer. Never rush decisions, more people die from making rash on the spot decisions.If you are lucky someone may find you before nightfall if not – You will need shelter.


It may be hot at the moment but when night time comes you will freeze without protection from the rain and cold. So find a dry place and build yourself some protection from the wind and rain with branches of trees to keep warm.The cold will kill you quicker than being without food or water.



You should also build yourself something to lie on to keep yourself from lying on the cold damp ground.You can also use branches from trees to make your bedding more comfortable. Now you have sorted that out you need to think about attracting attention.


2- How to attract attention- Now if you had that survival kit you would not have a problem lighting a fire to attract attention.As you do not have it.You will need to be more inventive.First of all the best thing is to write and SOS sign on the ground. Or you could also drag a few logs and form an arrow pointing to where you are or make a V shape with them as this is an emergency sign.They need to be in an open area if that is possible so they can be seen from the air.

Now if you have some matches you should light a fire. Beware; you do not want to start a bushfire that could kill you and anyone else looking for you.If by some stroke of luck you could find an old tire or part of a tire these are ideal to burn as they create black smoke. So no tires and no matches, now what?Well the old saying is to cause friction by rubbing two sticks together.Yes it can be done, but it takes practice and lots of patience.

3-How to find water


Water is your next priority. Yes I know you have water, but that will not last long at all.

Question: What should you do if lost in the bush? 1- Make the water last by Sipping.2- Have a substantial drink.

Answer:Have a substantial drink.

Reason: An occasional sip will not stop dehydration. You need a substantial quantity of water to do this.Just space intake out.

Unless you have some purification water tablets, then drinking from creeks or water holes could be dangerous, they may be contaminated with bacteria, and you do not want to add to your problems.

If you had a survival kit with you, it would come with plastic bags.To make your own water you need put a bag over a branch with green leaves and tie it off somehow or twist the top so the air cannot get out.The leaves sweat as it gets hot and water is released into your plastic bag.This is pure enough to drink. If things really get bad it has been known for people to drink their own urine which has enabled them to survive.But on a recent survival course that I did I was told that urine is toxic, so do no drink it, but you can rinse your mouth out with it to get a little relief, and then spit it out. DO NOT DRINK IT.

4- What can I eat- Believe it or not food is last on your priorities list. Man has been known to live without any food for two or three weeks. Although there are many things that you can eat in the bush.



Small Survival Kit



Articles and uses



  • What would you use a plastic bag for:To catch water. You can also put leaves in a hole with a catch plastic bag then cover with other bag with a dip in middle.The leaves with create moisture from heat of plastic and drip into other plastic bag.


  • Water purification tablets: To purify the water from a creek or river.


  • Dried survival food: Some you can add water too others you can nibble on.


  • Freeze dried meat:Food
  • Sterile Pads: For cuts or sores


  • Flint Rod: Use this to start a fire


  • Mirror: To attract attention and signal for help


  • Paper and Pencil: To leave a note


  • Fishing line and a hook: You may be able to catch a fish


  • Whistle: The sound of a whistle will travel a long way and could attract attention


  • All in one knife, spoon opener: To eat with or cut something up.






Everyone contemplating going into any outback areas need learn emergency bush survival priorities. Not only know about them but understand how to use each item.What is the good of carrying the survival equipment if you do not know how to use the contents?



Never leave a vehicle that has water in the radiator and any food supplies.A vehicle will be more easily seen than a person on their own.Plus the vehicle will give you shelter.When you find yourself in trouble sit down and think about your particular situation.


Many people have died by leaving their vehicles, without using rational thinking.