If you have a nice lawn and have invested your hard earned dollars in producing a nice landscape, then you will want to take care of it properly to ensure a beautiful yard. In order to accomplish this you will need to learn how sprinkler systems work to handle the water load that it requires. By placing this task on a schedule, you can produce amazing results overtime. This is especially true if you have property that you visit occasionally as your little getaway. It is hard to maintain a decent lawn if you are not available to take care of it properly. A sprinkler system setup will allow you this absence.

Learning about sprinkler systems and how they work is crucial for the size of your property. If your yard is large you may want to consider an in ground system for convenience and water conservation. If you have a smaller area then running portable systems across the terrain may not present that much of a hassle. The later is unsightly, but will fill an immediate objective. For small planting beds, you may want to consider just using a soaker hose that is buried just below the surface of the mulch or soil. These systems work by utilizing a slow drip action to deliver water to any given area.

How Inground Sprinkler Systems Work

The first type of sprinkler systems is the in ground system and it can be automatic or manual. Manual sprinkler systems work by being manually turned on and off. Automatic sprinkler systems work by a programmable controller that is adjustable for time and location for delivered water. Once the controller is programmed for preferences it signals a motor to open and close valves to different zones throughout the system for an even coverage. Water pressure to the sprinkler systems is considered with this type of setup. Pipes are laid out in the ground in an organized grid and vertical risers bring water to the surface of the lawn. Each riser has a specific type of sprinkler head that can be fixed or adjustable to deliver the pattern of distribution. Water is directed to the system by way of an outdoor spigot. When the flow is turned on by the controller, the sprinkler heads popup from the surface of the ground by way of water pressure and saturate the ground. These type of systems are growing in popularity, however in areas prone to freezing temperatures these devices must be properly drained before winter.

How Portable Sprinkler Systems Work

You can also use portable sprinkler systems. These sprinkler systems work basically the same as the in ground version except that are above the surface of the lawn. Basically you can hook up a simple portable sprinkler hose to an outdoor spigot, turn it on, and water is distributed by tiny holes along the length of the hose. You can also get a portable sprinkler system with different sprinkler heads and patterns. There is the turret, oscillating, pulsating, and traveling sprinkler systems available.

When using these type of systems you need to consider the area for properly picking the correct sprinkler heads. Different sprinkler heads deliver different patterns of water. You want to receive optimal coverage of lawn for your investment, however, you do not want water navigating to the street or sidewalks. Learn about the different spray patterns that sprinkler heads deliver, and choose the sprinkler systems that work right for you.