Outdoor garden furniture can be made from different types of wood. The most preferred types are Red Wood, Pine, Oaks , Teak and Maple as these types of wood can last for many years without being changed. Each type of them has its own features.

Oak Wood outdoor furniture is chosen often because of its sturdiness and also for the fact that Amish artisans can design many of the attractive pieces that can last for a long time. The Oak Wood furniture is popular because of its natural beauty and its distinctive look. Each piece of furniture has its own special color. The finishes utilized by the Amish could improve the color, however they understand that a clear finish isn't right, since it may affect the color.

Red Wood outdoor furniture has a wonderful color and can do well in anyone's yard. Chinese red wood has also its authentic features. The red or cherry wood natural beauty is also a great option because of the natural variations in wood colors and grain. Teak is a really valuable type of wood, however it could be quite costly. The elegance and sturdiness make it a great addition to your yard. Teak furniture could last for hundreds years.

Among the most beautiful types of wood would be the Maple derived from the Maple trees. This kind of wood makes fine and delicate home furniture items that can add natural splendor to your patio. As this wood is very delicate, it's advised that you use it only on a built-in deck or patio. The elegance of Maple is great, however the nature of the wood will not be good in bad weather conditions.

Wood outdoor furniture is affordable and that's why a lot of people like using wood pieces in their gardens. The natural beauty that wood can add to your garden and house makes owning wood garden furniture a must.

The artisans who design the furniture have amazing talents and really deserve the cost of each piece. Decision to get wood made by artisans will be good for many people. Some manufacturers make replica's which are exact to the original items. Although, they aren't of the same quality, they could be a good addition to your deck. A lot of people who don't want to pay the high cost charged by the artisans may choose to purchase their garden set from shops that offer replica's instead of the real furniture.