Pain and misery are synonymous with hemorrhoids, and though they aren't going to threaten your life, it is a priority to get them under control as soon as possible. You can find many remedies in your own home to help ease and remove your hemorrhoids.

Witch hazel is a great cure to attempt. You can dab it on your hemorrhoids with a cotton swab, after keeping it cool in your refrigerator. Apply this three times every day to help with your external hemorrhoids. You can reduce swelling by using ice packs. Aloe vera may also help when applied liberally. You can relieve the itching of hemorrhoids if you put it directly on your hemorrhoids.

Your diet is something that needs to be changed. Your bowel movements will become much easier if you start to eat more fruit and vegetables in order to increase the amount of fiber you are taking in. When you are passing a softer stool, your hemorrhoids will not be as aggravated. You do not want your hemorrhoids to become infected, so do not use laxatives as they may produce watery stool. While increasing your fiber, drink a lot of extra water, as well. You may be able to eliminate your current hemorrhoids or keep them from coming back by eating citrus food like oranges, which contain bioflavonoids that help to support blood vessels that are strong. Swollen blood vessels are what cause hemorrhoids, so this will help. Your condition will get worse if you consume too much lactic acid, so stay away from cheese. Caffeine and alcohol are also bad for this issue.

You can prevent more hemorrhoids by using certain exercises, as well as watching what you eat. You do not want to cause unnecessary bleeding, so be careful when lifting weights because you may strain your hemorrhoids. When doing exercises like biking, make sure your seat is a good fit or you may also find yourself in pain.

Warm water in a sitz bath will keep the itchiness at bay, if you are looking for external relief. You can relieve yourself of swelling or banish them forever by using an over the counter hemorrhoid cream. You can also sit more comfortably if you purchase a cushion that is meant for people with hemorrhoids.

Though it is expensive and maybe risky, there are injections and surgeries that you can use to remove hemorrhoids. You will need to speak to your doctor because, in some situations, surgery is a must in order to find relief. You have the option of using a natural remedy or using one of the methods listed above to get rid of your hemorrhoids if the case is mild.