Just like cats rabbits take great pride in being clean, that's why it's an easy task to train them to use the litter box. They spend several hours daily grooming themselves, trying to keep up the quality of their coat and skin. If you think that Just because your pet rabbit spends a lot of time daily grooming itself, this means that you don't have to groom it yourself, then you should think again. Rabbits, like all pets depend on their owners to set a grooming schedule and then stick to it.

Perhaps the most essential things to do will be to brush your rabbit at least one time every day. The amount of time you would spend brushing your pet rabbit will help you establish an ongoing bond with it. The health advantages of brushing your pet bunny include the removal of any unwanted hairs that your bunny may alternatively swallow. Once swallowed these hairs can form a hairball that could damage your rabbit's digestive tract.

If a hairball results in an obstruction, your pet rabbit will need to visit the veterinary clinic where the surgery might cost several hundred bucks. When you're brushing your bunny remember that the normal bunny loses its old coat roughly every 3 months, during this time period, you should brush your rabbit often, and get ready to vacuüm your home twice weekly, as you will be surprised about the amount of hair that comes off that little body. Bunnies have very soft skin so choose a brush that has gentle bristles and will not harm your rabbit skin. Some rabbit owners choose a plastic wide toothed hair comb for their grooming.

The problem of keeping all that hair clean, combed, and free of mats could be a laborious task. Every bunny owner should trim their rabbit hair regularly, so that it's only one inch long. This will help keep the bunny's coat clean and free of mats and also will keep the bunny more happy throughout the hot summertime. If you've never cut a rabbit's long hair before, you might need to take your rabbit to expert pet groomers and see how it is done before you do it yourself. When using the scissors or trimmers, you should be careful that you do not harm the rabbit skin.

If you find an area where the bunny's hair has become so tangled and twisted, this means it has changed into a mat, don't use a pair of scissors to remove the mat. If you find yourself can't do this, you should take your bunny to expert pet groomers and have them remove the mats using a pair of electric trimmers.

Every month or so, check and be sure that your rabbit's nails have not gotten too long. If you feel they're long, or realize that they're beginning to damage your carpets it's time to cut them. If you've never done this before take your rabbit to pet groomers or veterinary clinic and see how it's performed first. In case you want to do it yourself, be careful that you do not cut the nails too short that they bleed.