Fiverr is growing in popularity by the minute and many people wonder how to make money with Fiverr. You have never heard of You should visit and get familiar with the content and activity. It is quite a fascinating site! The core idea of the website is to offer the opportunity to individuals like yourself to offer their services for 5 dollars (USD). The price for any offered service (Fiverr calls this a "Gig") is fixed, you cannot negotiate for less and the seller cannot ask for more.

So how do you make money selling your “gigs”? First, you have to become a member and create your offer. Buyers also have to become a member to purchase your gig. You can browse the site and check the variety of services offered by people ... it's truly amazing! Here are some examples:

- Voice over or narration
- Graphic design
- Video and animation
- Writing articles, reviews or customer feedback
- All kinds of "how to" services
- Digital information downloads
- Promotion and Advertising, both offline and online
- SEO (search engine optimization)
- Social media promotion
- Website creation
- Gift and bizzare stuff
- Music & ringtones

The list is endless, you can offer whatever service you can imagine and create, if you think it can be of interest to potential buyers. Fiverr takes care of the purchase/payment logistics and has a nice and effective communication system built in their platform. As a seller you can really concentrate on promoting and delivering your offered service(s).

Before jumping in the Fiverr world, you should review the conditions and terms guiding a seller's conduct. Starting up is easy, just sign up for a free account and set up your first gig and start promoting. Once you start getting orders, make sure to get feedback from your buyer (positive you hope!) as this will help build credibility.

Learning how to make money with Fiverr is not that difficult. What's nice about Fiverr is you can scale your income generating efforts as there is no limit to the number of individual gigs and also they allow you to sell additional "units" of the same gig at special volume prices.