If you’re looking for information on how to protect your air conditioner from weather conditions, then pull up a chair and buckle down, because this is the article that you’ve been looking for.You might be afraid that your brand new air conditioner you have just purchased might end up just like the last one you'd. It has been keeping you up all night long. You don't like the truth that varying weather conditions could damage this costly device.

Worry no more! Although you might have no control over the varying weather conditions, you actually have total control over the lifetime of your air conditioning unit. ‘’How?’’, you may ask. It's as easy as choosing the best air conditioner covers.

The air conditioner covers not only protect your house from temperature loss through the winter, but also they guarantee the durability of the ac unit by guarding the outdoor component from bad weather conditions like rain and snow. Nearly all department shops and equipment offer different types of air conditioner covers. However, you see none of them are pretty suitable for your air conditioner. This might be because of size variation, their high cost or perhaps you don’t like the material the covers are created from. In case you would like to have air conditioner covers that match your anticipations. Here's how:

Calculate all the dimensions of the outdoor component of the ac unit, together with all the wiring and piping. Ensure that you have the right dimensions and you could also have a rough drawing of the component with all the dimensions pointed out.

To get the ideal material for your ac unit covers; you need to figure out the weather condition you wish to protect your air conditioner from. For heat protection insulated covers foam board is needed. Mild rains could be safeguarded from your ac unit by durable fabric or heavy gauge plastic, also high quality marine canvas for bad weather conditions could work.

If you've time and knowledge, you could go on and pull a DIY on the ac unit covers. Otherwise, you can purchase a customized cover. This can be a little expensive however in the long run, custom covers offer excellent protection as the sizing, materials and designs of these covers include all above listed factors. These covers might also have some tough cords to fix the covers into position.

During winter, you should provide extra protection to the outside unit. This could be done by doubling the covers over the outdoors ac unit, so instead of being one layer you might use two layers. Doing this, you will protect the interior parts of the unit from being damaged by rain, snow or whatever.